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Godliest Person in Gms History
MapleStory Forums : GMS : Talk about the Global version of MapleStory
Jun 24 13
Scania Blade Master

http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=igiubr&s=5 (Showing that it's phantom blow, I play on some weird screen settings, so it doesn't show the full screen)

This was before she got dojo gloves.

No idea what kind of buffs she's using but this is absolutely insane.

New screenshot of Lexy's damage on a boss: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33ynrcm&s=5
New MapleStory Screen: Godliest person in gms
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Jun 25 13
Bellocan I/L Arch Mage
Swagtasticmofo: Sure, let's say 5-figures, which is still a ton of money. A full time, entry job after college graduation is 5-figures, and after rent, food etc there's not that much money left. Sure, if they have a full time job and more than enough money to spend, by all means buy nx. It's a different story if someone is still in high school or middle school. Also, I'm not dictating anyone on how they should spend their money, I'm just voicing my opinion on this issue like everyone else.

xEternalYoshix: You're right, it's probably her parents that have a lot of money left over for her to spend. Do I think she's the one that makes a lot of money? No way. I don't agree with the way she spends her parents' money but I'm not about to go get in her face and tell her what to do with it.
Jun 25 13
Mardia Marauder
i can't connect to the tiny pic.
Jun 25 13
Bera Demon Slayer 4
I think she's using a 30%attack dagger and a 30%attack katara ...
That damage!
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Jun 25 13
Windia Hero
Baddox: Okay so if you get "Married" (Lol) (Lol again) (Lmao Sorry) And your "w- wife" (LMAOOOOO I need a breather) decides to spent all of your money on Maple how would you react (Ohhh people can spend on what they please lmaooo) Enjoy being in Debt.

LOLOL oh i wish she would.
New MapleStory Screen: Billys 200 :]
Jun 25 13
Bera Blade Master
BRB lemme grab you a cookie
Jun 25 13
Scania Corsair
BoredAF: Lol, she doesn't need the code. When she divorces you, and takes half of your stuff, the judge will make you open that titanium safe yourself and hand it to her. GL getting a chick to marry you. Will you marry me? Yes. Wait, sign this prenup first...lol.

Ha... That's what I'm going to make people think. That I have all my money in a titanium safe with diamond coating, a dash of gold and a nice design. But, I'll just have it hidden inside the wall. People do that all the time. You know spend most of their money on 5 titanium safes, each diamond coated with a dash of gold, and a pretty little design. And put the rest of their money in it.
Jun 25 13
Bera Shadower
People die on Golems..?
I loled.
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Jun 25 13
Scania Kaiser 4
xEternalYoshix: You missed my point though. No matter where you have your money. Your money is no longer 'your' money when you get married. It becomes both of yours.
And after a divorce, you can have half of your money wherever you like to keep it to feel safe. But only half, the other half will be in her bank.
Jun 25 13
Scania Blade Master
DarkQuill: People die on Golems..?
I loled.

They hit alot
Jun 25 13
Windia I/L Arch Mage
Resmiles: Woah o-o Grats for that damage!

where u been baby cakes, i cant loggin atm cuz its not letting me ;-;
im reinstalling maple hoping i can relog.
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