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Honor Levels and Stats

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I never really payed attention to the Honor portion in the Character Stats but suddenly after the maintenance I started getting Honor Medals from monsters.
Anyways I used it em, they increased my Honor level, and I got circulators.
Now, I don't know what an ideal Honor stats one would want because I don't know what there actually is.
So what my questions are,
What is the max level for Honor?
What stats would you want?

If it's helpful I am a currently a Kaiser and my stats right now just add STR and 2% dmg to normal monsters, but it is at Unique.
Posted: June 2013 Permalink


GreenPen Level 200 Bellocan Dark Knight
Jun 28 2013
Blackest Level 115 KradiaEMS Blade Lord
i believe level 70 and ideal stats would be boss damage, critical rate, %stat or like %dmg
Jun 28 2013

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