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Pc on Crystals. Q on Fant. Android

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Jun 28 13
Broa Jett 4
Hi all,

first things first - hoping to get a few pc's please on the going rates for Philosopher's Stone, Superior and Advanced Crystals please?

Also, I've looked far and wide but can't find the info - what rank are Fantastical Androids? I saved up my coins from a previous event and bought a Deluxe Android recipe. I haven't crafted it yet, but with Fantastical Android Coupons being so low I thought that might be a better bet if it's rank 9? Although I guess a higher rank only lets you wear higher rank hearts? And the higher rank heart would only have 1 or maybe 2 more slots? But then it's considerably harder / costlier to find the ingredients to craft? Or am I misunderstanding it all?

Thanks for any help
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Jun 28 13
Windia Assassin
I'm basing prices off my own server but from what i see it doesn't vary much

Advanced: so low it is pretty much worthless (people price them anywhere from 10k-50k usually, sometimes at 100k but they don't really sell)
Superior: 1-2m
Philosopher's Stone: 2-3m. It's used to make EXP accumulation potions, dominator pendants, etc but the stones aren't too rare, though a while ago when a lot of people were making dominator pendants, i saw someone manage to sell off a philo stone for 10m. Not sure if can still be sold for that much because i still see lots for way less unsold, since it's not a common item to craft. I suppose you could get lucky off the rich people who don't mind spending 100m to make their pendant rather than 20m, but that usually requires a good spot and a desperate buyer.

Fantastical Android Recipes? Where did you get one/see one and what do you mean by level? If you mean what level you need to be to equip them, level 10. If you mean to craft... i have no idea, but if you're asking whether crafting things with level 9 accessory crafting is better than, say, level 1 accessory crafting, the answer is yes.
(I'm sorry, i didn't know fantastical android recipes existed, not sure if they do)

I became really lost at "Although I guess a higher level only lets you wear higher level hearts? And the higher level heart would only have 1 or maybe 2 more slots? But then it's considerably harder / costlier to find the ingredients to craft?" but i'll give it a go...
If you were referring to android ranks, then from what i've been able to find out the difference in ranks just determines the types of hearts it can equip and possibly the hair/face options it can have (though i don't have solid proof with that bit). If you mean the level required to equip them, well, that doesn't affect the android in anything other than just... what level you can equip them at.
Difference in heart ranks just affects number of slots it has, and the table i made in here has the slot numbers of different hearts (i didn't include heart rank numbers, because that's one of the most useless pieces of information to do with them imo)
That table has the ingredients for making hearts if you wanted to compare, and the difficulty in obtaining the materials doesn't differ too much. I mean, LUK crystals for crystal hearts are considerably pricier than say, steel plates for iron hearts, but the difference is like 1m as opposed to 10k. That's still not a big difference to many people, and those who want the extra two slots that crystal hearts have will put in the money for that, but the majority of people are content with gold hearts (3 slots) which are also very cheap. In selling fully crafted hearts, i find my crystal hearts can sell for 10m clean, while gold ones are 5m or under, usually (but if you're doing it for profit, it's really not a great money maker).

While we're talking about androids... what happens when guide owners quit maple/basil? I've seen in the past that the guide ownership just goes to you until someone else takes over, is that how it works?
I'm gonna update my guide soon and all, but i'm struggling to find motivation to keep mapling, so i was wondering what would happen to my guide if i decide to quit. I wouldn't be able to put in updated information on new androids and hearts, so...
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Jun 28 13
Windia Assassin
NekoChan: ^ ^ ^ Relating to her guide

Can someone tell me the duration of the hearts, not sure which were perma or timed, like one was one week another one was two or something.

I thought Fantastical androids were coupons only -so far.
All crafted hearts are 21 days/3 weeks, coupon hearts are usually a month (like the Beaded Hearts that come bundled in Fantastical Android Coupons, Summeroid Coupons, etc) and permanent ones are atm from the item generator (hacks)
Apparently we're getting permanent hearts soon with Xenon, so bleh. I'll actually have to put in effort in the game again to keep my guide updated.
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Jun 28 13
Broa Jett 4
- tyvm for the prices, that helps!
- pardon, you're right that they're coupons not recipes, oops.
- sorry, I meant rank, not level And yeah, the recipes seem to be all over FM and not that expensive in Broa (around 125m). I checked your guide previously and wasn't able to find rank info on the Fantastical Android, but I understand you say it doesn't matter. But it does matter if you want to equip high level hearts no?
- you're correct that if you want to pass on the guide to someone else you just have to submit a ticket or send an email (contact @ basil...).
- regarding permanent hearts - the Xenon ones I've seen are Xenon-only, I think? Or have you heard that there are common-class permanent hearts coming out as well?

Thanks for all the other great info in your post, very helpful.
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Jun 29 13
Windia Assassin
mrbasil: ahaha i have a habit of quoting replies the tradtional way (quote button rather than responding in @) except this doesn't work with you
You're welcome, i hope i was accurate..
About ranks: "But it does matter if you want to equip high level hearts no?" I mentioned in my guide that all currently existing hearts in GMS have a level 30 requirement to equip (just reconfirmed with my in-game hearts and googled the rest, yup). And you wanted to know rank info on fantastical androids, so meet my beebroid:
I'm pretty sure his info is the same for all fantastical androids. The heart i'm wearing is a crystal heart (req. lv of heart = 30 whereas req. lv of android as you can see is 10 for this one)

And what you said about Xenon hearts sounds about right, that's what i heard too, but we'll see soon enough
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