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Inner Ability Circulators

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So, I recently came back to maplestoy, and I saw that the Inner Ability system was changed. SO I tried to use one of those ability circulators you get from the Honor Medals and it says that I can't use it because my inner ability is legendary. Is there a way to bring my inner ability rank down so I can use the pink circulators. Because honestly I'm not gonna waste Nx on my inner abilties, specially when I'v never even bought nx. Oh and my inner ability lines are crappy, I mean if nexon is gonna call them legendary atleast make it so we can get good lines not crappy ones
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Oh great, just what I wanted to hear. Now I'm stuck with crappy lines >.<
Jun 28 2013
You are screwed. Go buy NX with mesos!
Jun 28 2013
Seodan Level 212 Bera Paladin Justaway Guild
[url=]you jerry of my inner [/url][/quote]
[url=]ITT: Appropriate abilities for classes[/url]
Jun 28 2013
how do u even get legendary mine is just stuck on rare
Jun 28 2013
^use better circulators.
there are only 2 circulators. one is nx and the other gives me crap
Jun 28 2013
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