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Can You Still Make a Ua

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Hi I'm just wondering if I could still get a Cygnus Knight to 120 and Make a UA
Posted: June 2013 Permalink
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vincevo Level 161 Broa Shadower
Jun 28 2013
Thorontur Level 32 Bera Angelic Buster 2
If you play male characters i suggest making a Mihile though so youll get it earlier (quest at lvl100) without having to deal with Manon and Griffey.
Jun 28 2013
natty2 Level 220 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild
You can do it with Mihile, if you wanna do it at level 100 instead of 120.
Jun 28 2013
jonathansayshi Level 220 Bera Shade 4 AUniversityO Guild
Yeah, do it before the Cygnus revamp comes because you can't make Cygnus characters for a while after that, and they'll be able to reach 200, so UA's won't ever be able to be created again.
Jun 28 2013

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