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Can You Still Make a Ua

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Hi I'm just wondering if I could still get a Cygnus Knight to 120 and Make a UA
Posted: June


vincevoToxicSensei - Level 97 Chief Bandit
Jun 28 2013
If you play male characters i suggest making a Mihile though so youll get it earlier (quest at lvl100) without having to deal with Manon and Griffey.
ThoronturQuickBJ - Level 10
Jun 28 2013
You can do it with Mihile, if you wanna do it at level 100 instead of 120.
natty2ImmaGuyyy - Level 127 Angelic Buster 4Nimbus Guild
Jun 28 2013
Yeah, do it before the Cygnus revamp comes because you can't make Cygnus characters for a while after that, and they'll be able to reach 200, so UA's won't ever be able to be created again.
jonathansayshixRebornXXx - Level 206 Blade MasterAUniversityO Guild
Jun 28 2013

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