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How do you get fafnir weapons?

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gamer255 Level 144 Scania Blade Recruit
I want a fafnir knuckle in gazed but no one is selling so I was wondering if it was even possible to get them. If they are, how do you get them?
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Shiinooby Level 170 Windia Xenon 4
Teapots was the only way recently. But I hear they are bringing marvel machine back and I think that gives them out.
Jun 28 2013
DuhNewKid Level 207 Windia Zero Transcendent
Hmm if im not mistaken then.. chaos vellum? Best of luck sir!
Jun 28 2013
Shiinooby Level 170 Windia Xenon 4
Chaos Vellum has no drops ATM. Bosses are glitched.
Jun 28 2013
KiritoSAO Level 172 Scania Wild Hunter 4
There are no ways to obtain Fafnir weapons atm other than buying one.
Jun 28 2013
gamer255 Level 144 Scania Blade Recruit
there's a couple around the FM, did you check?[/quote]

can you tell me where you saw them, ive checked around but havent seen any, maybe i go at bad times?
Jun 29 2013

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