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Jul 01 13
Scania Night Lord
clean vip knuckle 92att clean ty
MapleStory Screen: PockyLover Photo 1 Maple Story: My Anaconda Don't~ Want None Unless You Got Buns, ...
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Jul 01 13
Windia Thunder Breaker 3
hi noob here
p/c on these books
if i books that add up up to 100mil+ ill stay in ms.. if i dont.. then ill no life league to gold 5.(stuck in silver 1 for 1k+ games)
Hitokiri Strike 30
Taunt 20
Dark Impale 30
Xenon Expert 20
Achilles 20
Dark Crescendo 20
Reflection 30
Illusion Step 20
Defense Break 20
Octopunch 30
Affinity lV 20
Ishtar's Ring 30
High Defense 20
Dagger Expert 30
Offensive Matrix 20
Falling Sakura 20
Hurricane 20
Elquines 20
Monkey spirits 30
Raging Blow 30

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