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Jul 21 13
Bera Shade 4
Can I get a price on all pieces of fafnir equips i.e. top, bottom, hat and weapon
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Jul 22 13
Bera Zero Transcendent
I think they are all 1b ea or mor
Jul 22 13
Broa Buccaneer
Bustermode1: I think they are all 1b ea or mor

I wish they were 1b.

They're like 4b+ in Broa.
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Jul 22 13*
Khaini Cannoneer 4
Top 3.2-3.5b
bottom- 4b
Hat- 4b
And for the weapon depends which one
Jul 22 13
Yellonde Shade 4
in yellonde 4~6 a piece on gear. Wep varies from 3.5~5. unless its a fafnir whip blade.
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Jul 22 13
Bellocan Evan 10th Growth
Revenance Guild
Awhile ago, before I got ripped off and lost it (QQ), in got offered the whole set for a Fafnir dagger.
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Jul 22 13
Bera Corsair
Top/bot/hat is 3-5b a piece, knuckles probably 5-6... (Guestimating)
Jul 22 13
Wow the knuckle is expensive in Bera! Here I seem the unsold for 1.5-2b...
Jul 22 13
No, she was just guestimating. Knuckles sell for 2-3 in Bera. Sold mine for 2.6
Jul 22 13
Bera Mechanic 4
avg gun price in bera is 2.5-3

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