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Separate section for Lol and anime

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Aug 05 13
Khaini Bishop
I think basil should make those two subjects a different section and call it AZN or something because half of the threads on chat are about thos two things and those two things only.

EDIT: this is so us NORMAL people can see different threads once in a while.
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Aug 05 13*
DemethosGMS Dark Knight
no man there's the fun section tho
Aug 05 13
And a section for health, pets, electronics, etc basil will be shall be the new yahoo answers!
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Aug 05 13
Windia Bow Master
No, let's not promote people playing bad games and circle jerking over the same five animes.
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Aug 05 13*
Yellonde F/P Arch Mage
I like this idea, but I don't like LoL or bad anime
Lettuce send a ticket
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Aug 05 13
Bera Marksman
An alternative, more creative, idea would be for you to see this an opportunity to make other Chat section threads with topics unrelated to those. I think Basilmarket has enough sections for now.
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Aug 05 13*
Scania Hero
Or just make threads not relating to it. Like geez, the entire chat section is flooded with the stuff. I know it's not likely to stop because how many people like that stuff but still, chill with the stuff
Ninja'd LimusocoBobo
Aug 05 13
Windia Kanna 4
i like the way it is now. i don't mind the lol threads but the anime threads are meh
Aug 05 13
Scania Corsair
Justaway Guild
16 pages of anime threads. Still fresh. What if someone bumped all of those.
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Aug 05 13
Windia Bishop
Wish there could be an Anime sticky.
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