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When does Red update comes to Gms and Ems ?

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eliry Level 50 Scania Mercedes 2
will they come in the same time to both versions ?
Posted: August 2013 Permalink


DColdhearts Level 150 Scania Shade 4
inb4 Time machine/Crystal ball
Aug 07 2013
LulzMudkipzz Level 203 Bera I/L Arch Mage
I swear I can't handle these threads anymore... Next time I see something like this, I'm just not gonna post...
Aug 07 2013
SodiumOH Level 125 Windia Mercedes 4
In the near future.
Aug 07 2013
Pereeia Level 211 Windia Zero Transcendent
Let me step into my crystal ball to get my time machine[/quote]

How do you step into a Crystal Ball? Wouldn't it break?
Aug 07 2013

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