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Anime/Manga to watch

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Aug 10 13
Bera F/P Arch Mage
Hey guys, just wondering if you all can give some suggestions on some good animes. Personally I haven't watched many, but I'd like to give some a shot. I have watched FMA and FMA:Brotherhood and some of Naruto before....... .

So if anyone has some suggestions they'd be appreciated
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Aug 10 13
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Aug 10 13
Bera Mercedes 4
well, shingeki no kyojin is the rage this season
Aug 10 13
Bellocan Night Lord
Read One Punch Man.
Aug 10 13
Scania Hayato 4
Princess Resurrection
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Aug 10 13
ElNido Bishop
You should definitely listen to the comment below me.
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Aug 10 13
Windia Buccaneer
fairy tail ^o^
Aug 10 13
Scania Xenon 4
Guilty Crown
Accel World
Blood Lad
Date A Live
Hataraku Maou-sama
Aug 10 13
I read Girl's The Wild.
It's an online korean manga, but there's plenty of websites with eng translation
Aug 10 13
Bera Bishop
Well, I would prefer that you state the genre you are looking for. I have seen tons of anime but many of them are good. Preference would narrow the list of anime I can show you. Mindf-k, Harem, Supernaturnal. You name it.

There's a website you can to keep track anime/manga that you have seen. myanimelist net. When recording, it can give you recommendation that related to the anime you have seen
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