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Fairy Vial

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forevershad Level 131 Scania Xenon 4
So im debating if i should try the fairy vial or not. anyone know if its worth doing ?
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RonaldLu Level 215 Khaini Blade Master
Uhh, just saying, from the messages I've gotten, all I saw was empress armor and weapon, I havent seen one for Fafnir or other other one.
Aug 23 2013
New Screen: Hot time hair
forevershad Level 131 Scania Xenon 4
best thing he got were pretty much the pants.
Aug 23 2013
don't get nexon'd by their marketing tactics. i swear they probably hire psychologists to maximize their profit
Aug 23 2013
Marceaux Level 203 Scania Demon Avenger 4
ok if you're a chair collector [/quote]

There are no chair collectors anymore
Aug 23 2013
New Screen: Creva
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