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Aug 23 13
Scania Xenon 4
So im debating if i should try the fairy vial or not. anyone know if its worth doing ?
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Aug 23 13
Khaini Blade Master
Uhh, just saying, from the messages I've gotten, all I saw was empress armor and weapon, I havent seen one for Fafnir or other other one.
MapleStory Screen: Hot time hair
Aug 23 13
Broa Blade Master
Aug 23 13
Khaini Hero
Aug 23 13
Scania I/L Wizard
Justaway Guild
^Video shows lots of chairs
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Aug 23 13
Scania Xenon 4
best thing he got were pretty much the pants.
Aug 23 13
Bera Marksman

ok if you're a chair collector
Aug 23 13
Scania Zero Transcendent
I used 16 and got no RA. A bunch of chairs, two empress weapons, some mounts and evan hair coupon.
MapleStory Screen: Raven Horn Baselard - LUK 33%
Aug 23 13*
Broa I/L Arch Mage
I used 24 and got mostly chairs, a few mounts, Evan Hair Coupon, 3* Enhancement, some Empress armor, 12-slot Herb Bag, a random A Nebulite, and a +20% Boss Damage Nebulite.

RonaldLu: It doesn't even seem to smega the RA gear, just Empress weapons.
MapleStory Screen: It really lives up to its name MapleStory Video: Gms v155 - lv209 i/l hard gollux solo
Aug 23 13
Scania Phantom 4
don't get nexon'd by their marketing tactics. i swear they probably hire psychologists to maximize their profit
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