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Price check on shark tooth skipper

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Aug 28 13
Windia Cannoneer 4
Can I please get a price check on all of the Shark Tooth Skipper equips? Except the weapon.
-Shark Tooth Skipper Cape
-Shark Tooth Skipper Hat
-Shark Tooth Skipper Gloves
-Shark Tooth Skipper Boots
-Shark Tooth Skipper Coat

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Aug 28 13
Broa Angelic Buster 4
well in Broa i've seen these prices at the lowest:

cape: 1.3bil
hat: 100mil
gloves: 99mil
shoes: 99mil
shoulder: 800mil
coat: 120mil

prices fluctuate of course if there is potential but yea those are the lowest prices i've seen in fm
Aug 28 13
Windia Cannoneer 4

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