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Mabinogi Crossover Event help

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streetfights Level 210 Bera Hero streetfights Guild
i have tones of chicken food and leave cloves. and feed all her animals full and grown. so i cant not feed them anymore. is there a limited per a day and can i do this again tomorrow? i hope i can thanks.
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strenling Level 124 Scania Jett 4
I think it's probably all you can do with that character.
If you want more of the items, do it with other characters. That's what I did.
Sep 12 2013
xBabiigirl Level 111 Scania Shade 4
sorry for my ignorance, but what is the reward for doing that quest?[/quote]

everytime you feed them you get a gift box that contains 1 of the following items:
Nao Resting Chair
Trait items
Power Elixir
Mystery Recipe
Melting Cheese (10)
Potential Scroll
Armor Magic Scroll 15%
Armor Attack Scroll 15%
Chaos Scroll 60%
Equipment Enhancement Scroll
Reindeer Milk (10)
Sunrise Dew (10)
Sep 12 2013
streetfights Level 210 Bera Hero streetfights Guild
are you kidding me maxed oh my god i got nexoned. blood hell. now i cant get the nice armor 15% atk scroll

Sep 12 2013
SpearDude Level 186 Scania Bow Master
uhm , where is the npc, I mean what city ?
Sep 13 2013
Kazera Level 200 Scania Dark Knight
uhm , where is the npc, I mean what city ?[/quote]

The NPC can be found in most major towns , just walk around the middle of henesys shes somewhere there , talk to her & she will transport you to the map.
Sep 13 2013
You seriously think this event sucks? I got like 4 armor att 15% from like 12 boxes
Sep 13 2013
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