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Rare alien fragment helmet

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Reunite Level 200 Renegades Mercedes 4
Like 50m without PSok..[/quote]

lol no
Sep 15 2013
Reunite Level 200 Renegades Mercedes 4
Would it not be better to go 3 piece Alien set and 3 piece RA set to get +100 attack?
Sep 15 2013
@Aaaayee shut up u clearly understood that he said helmet not pendant
Sep 15 2013
@Aaaayee i dont think that the word helmet is anyway close to the word pendant in any language
Sep 15 2013
iPROLE Level 202 Scania Mechanic 4

I read the thread title only, I thought it said pendant.
Get your head out of your ass.[/quote]

you need reading lessons then
Sep 15 2013

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