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Nov 21 13
Scania Blade Master
Am i the only one that can't get in sengoku high? cuz i dont see any other threads or notice from nexon ;-;
Nov 21 13
Bera Zero Transcendent
New MapleStory Video: Showing EXP Decay at Hall of Honor
Nov 21 13
Scania Xenon 3
They're fixing the bugs in the Sengoku High School.
New MapleStory Video: Sengoku high school run
Nov 21 13
Bera Evan 10th Growth
people dont read maintenance notes these days -sigh-
Nov 21 13
Scania Aran 4
maybe you should read the message that they give you when you try to enter.
Nov 21 13
Bera Hayato 2
here is a tip. Try looking at recent notes, if you can't find it, then post it. It is actually faster doing that instead of waiting for who knows how long for a reply
New MapleStory Video: KMS take on CWKPQ
Nov 21 13
Bera Marksman
A maintenance took Sengoku High down earlier today. Continue discussing here please: http://www.basilmarket.com/forum/2753303
New MapleStory Screen: Giant maple tree
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