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Maplestory wont let me leave a town

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Yesterday, I was walking to Showa Town to go fight the female boss, but when i got to the town, the whole game lagged out and I got disconnected. Whenever I try to log in, i cant get anywhere on this account anymore because the game lags out too much for me to really do anything. Does anyone have a reason or solution to this problem?
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MugenStrike Level 211 Scania Phantom 4
try to use a return scroll, telerock, or submit a ticket. u can also try asking a family member to tele u with rep points back to them real quick once they see your ign online.
Jan 05 2014
NeedPriceChecks Level 187 Broa Kaiser 4
The lag that was in the towns pre-RED was transferred to the Event Hall and Showa. Enjoy
Jan 05 2014
bleachedguy Level 201 Zenith Zero Transcendent
Event Hall, Showa, Ereve and I think Rien all have Gaga/Cassandra so they tend to lag. A lot.
Jan 05 2014
Roxxaine Level 191 Elnido Dark Knight
Even with the lag, you can still manage to move out of Showa Town. Only press one button/click at a time. This prevents a lot of lag. Tap the arrow keys until you are over the portal. Then spam the up button.
Jan 05 2014
RicePaddyHero Level 175 Scania Blade Master
Happened to my Evan in CBD. I kept relogging and luckily spawned next to a portal. Now I'm free. yeah
Jan 05 2014
Devotchka Level 153 Khaini Blaze Wizard 4
If you log onto ch 1 youll get the lag less severely and hopefully buy yourself enough time to bolt for a portal.

Good luck!
Jan 05 2014
Thanks for helping me out. I eventually got out of showa town, but how will i be able to go to boss the bodyguards and such?
Jan 05 2014
With all the lags.. you can't reach the bosses safely. I've tried and regretted wasting so much time just to get out of the town area again.
Jan 05 2014
Kirikai Level 180 Scania Bishop
Thanks for helping me out. I eventually got out of showa town, but how will i be able to go to boss the bodyguards and such?[/quote]

Its a secret ploy by Nexon to get you to buy Hyper Teleport Rocks.
Jan 05 2014
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