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Jan 09 14
Broa Battle Mage 2
So apparently there is another patch that will come after the 6th hero EunWol patch. This patch is called "The Seed". Now although it highlights a new place to explore and fight different bosses. There are also skill changes and not to be rude to any Xenon's... But isn't this skill revamp a bit too OP'd for Xenon's?

Fuzzy Lob Masquerade: Snipe: damage has been increased from 432% to 560%

All sources came from the following website so all credits go to Max:

Overall I think the revamp or adjustments made for other classes seemed fair, but dang that one skill for Xenon. Makes me want to restart my Xenon again =w=
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Jan 09 14
Renegades Bishop
You're late .

Oh and i sure love most revamps, can't wait for this patch!
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Jan 09 14
Zenith Dawn Warrior 3
I'd seed Dorothy if you know what I mean.
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Jan 09 14
Nova Angelic Buster 4
ty for posting
Jan 09 14
Galicia Battle Mage 4
Have you also noticed the 22 slot hat and what is essentially the mage version of the Kaiserium?
Jan 09 14
Windia Dark Knight
deathmage122: I'd seed Dorothy if you know what I mean.
Be careful of backdoor.
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Jan 09 14
Zenith Paladin
BravePotato: Be careful of backdoor.

Why? Sounds like fun to me.
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Jan 09 14
Bera Kanna 4
IMO that % buff for Xenon is ok since the speed is still slower than other main skills. Finally demon avenger MW gives %hp Lol. Could this also stack with regular MW? Would be really awesome for those low Hp classes.
Jan 09 14
Scania Beginner
New content based upon an old well known novel/novel series? What next? Alice in Wonderland? Narnia? =p
Jan 09 14
Scania Sniper
dat revampz for DS, So op.
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