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Success rate of Upgrade Anvil?

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DoctorSilent Level 210 Bellocan Zero Transcendent See what games, anime & art DoctorSilent is intoDoctorSilent
I knew these existed but never have I laid my eyes on them.
You, sir have enlightened me.

OT: idk about dat successrate tho.
Sep 12 2014
MugenStrike Level 211 Scania Phantom 4
guessing around 30% and 10% for npc.
Sep 12 2014
LlamaKing Level 230 Bera Blade Master EvoLovE Guild
I believe it's about a 50% chance of working. Go search near South Perry, I think I remember the source being somewhere around there.
Sep 12 2014
iEatCheeseLol Level 210 Scania Hero
Should be 50% chance
Sep 12 2014
skittlexz Level 203 Scania Night Lord Meaningful Guild
Yup, according to South Perry forums, it is indeed 50%, while transposing without the anvil is 3%. Thanks for the answers people.
Sep 12 2014

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