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I got 150 bishop with 30-32k att am I weak?

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hyungju09 Level 146 Scania Bishop
I talked with my friend heard my att is low so I try to check but did not find good answers..
so I have all Dragon Tail set plus solid neck and belt for set. and my att range are 30-32k
What do you think?
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Lohd Level 229 Bera Bishop
Are you talking about attack range per line or your range (can be found in stats window)? If it's the range in stats window then that's not bad. You don't really need to worry about your dmg at that level since you still got 50 levels till 200 to actually do bosses and stuff... plus you're a bishop so no one really expects you to do much dmg, but if you wanna go for a battle bishop then by all means go for it!
Oct 19 2014
gatotsuwolf Level 163 Bera Hero
My friends and I played a pinball machine that rewards you with rubber bouncy balls, and we named the checkered colorful ones Lucy.
Oct 19 2014
lyfalight Level 222 Kradia Shade 4
Don't think a battle bishop is worth it angel ray speed is too slow
Oct 19 2014
hyungju09 Level 146 Scania Bishop
See sniff I should stay off....
Oct 19 2014
nc4228 Level 205 Kradia Bishop
Honestly, 30-32k range isn't too bad for u right now. What it sounds like is that u don't have much good potential on those equips (probably need more %int or an upgraded and scrolled weapon).

@lyfalight: Attack bishops can dish out a good amount of damage depending on range, even if their attack speed is a little slow (which is partly compensated by RI). Plus, the % multipliers on their attack skills is pretty high considering they're mostly a support class.
Oct 19 2014
BlueSerenade Level 160 Scania Bishop
Just leach all day errday
Oct 19 2014
AuraShade86 Level 216 Bera Bishop Captivate Guild
It's fine at your level. Focus on getting to 200 first, then improving range.
For gear, upgrade to RA set. Cost is dropping due to mage pants being instanced now. Go on some easy gollux runs to get gollux gear, and go for the rein set if working with limited funds, superior if not, and scroll these using the gollux scrolls. Tyrant mage cape is pt cheap (~600m clean), so get one and try 5 starring it. Work with nova for boots/belt, unless you can afford the other tyrant pieces. Buy epic pot scrolls and try to get everything to at least 6% int, and work your way up from there. As for others, take advantage of events, like the Dark Lords that give out the best totems in the game right now
Oct 20 2014
archusz Level 201 Scania Bow Master
your damage output still high -_-.
%int better than set.
Just get 4-6% int each stuff, its enough.
Oct 20 2014

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