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Growing Sylph Ring vs Cracked Gollux Ring

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76WaysToDie Level 222 Scania Demon Slayer 4
So.. I was wondering what ring would be better for my DS at the moment.. The Growing Sylph Ring adds 18.7k to my range respectively and 10% max crit damage..
Then I also have a 6% str cracked gollux ring that is fully starred and that adds 28.2k to my range. I was wondering which of these rings would be better for me? Thanks!
Posted: December 2014 Permalink

Growing Sylph Ring vs Cracked Gollux Ring

100%6 / 6Growing Sylph Ring
0%0 / 6Cracked Gollux Ring


brown767 Level 209 Broa Bow Master
Its been well tested on what can top a glowing slyph ring.
Only if you have a ring with 9% YOUR MAIN STAT, can it out preform.
Source: gigantic south perry discussion thread.
Dec 30 2014

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