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Starting New in Bera

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mochiiboi Level 150 Windia Battle Mage 4
Hey guys, I'm coming back from a break of Maple and if anyone in Bera could help me out by giving me pots/meso/mastery books that'd be great. Thanks a bunch guys My ign is arxm
Posted: July 2015 Permalink


Chepfer Level 201 Bera Kanna 4
Is so easy to get those things if you need pots I can take you in boss runs, mastery books I think you can change evo lab coins for the 20 book, and the 30 ones,you get a few with some quests
Jul 17 2015
Aiodios Level 197 Bera Bishop
Don't forget that the Jr. Boogie Familiar in Perion can substitute MP pots!
Jul 17 2015
Sinknight Level 192 Bera Hayato 4
i can give u 300238 mesos.
You can buy like 20 pots with that
Jul 17 2015
iLUVhsDONTu2 Level 211 Bera Priest BIackbean Guild
The Golden Temple quests give out Mastery Book 20 as well. They're easy to do, and, you don't have to do all the quests (just the ones regarding Ravana)
Jul 17 2015

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