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Evan v I/L?

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serrebi456 Level 94 Renegades Chief Bandit
So, with the new upcoming updates in mind, what do you think is a better investment?

I/L is a pretty solid all around class, simple gameplay, beautiful graphics. Plus a pretty decent amount of hits/s as well damage. In future, with infinity getting that % increase in cap, looks like they'll be a pretty great class for bossing. Plus the mobbing is good, and I really like the distance of their teleport.

On the other hand, evan is also quite fun. Fast, good damage, glide, random teleport skill, stance and high status resist (with their summon). Plus they're getting a major renewal which tbh looks epic af. But until that comes, evans are still pretty solid in terms of bossing, and flame wheel is an excellent mobbing skill. However, they don't have particularly good vertical movement capabilities, which kind of bothers.

What do you guys think would be a better choice to invest in (time, training, gearing etc) to get to end game? And which do you think is better at mobbing. I already started with a bishop, so I have a bit of gear, but the short range of teleport, and their lack luster mobbing is kind of annoying.

Thanks for your opinions

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