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pls look over my resume

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aerial Level 213 Scania Beginner
college freshman trying to find a job at retail.

haven't had much luck in the last few days. i am thinking of not mentioning that i am a student as most retail stores want to hire people with full availability..
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if you're not taking summer courses or you're going to school part time then just open up your availability. don't think about how you can't work many hours in the long run cause you're most likely able to change it once school starts again. my coworkers only work 16 hrs/week all year round which is like twice a week cause they're lazy so it's possible to be a student and still get hired. so if you have time, don't pretend like you don't

your resume looks okay since you're looking for retail and you've got retail experience nor did you talk about irrelevant stuff. if there are a couple places that you'd really like to work at then type out cover letters so they think you're actually super interested and the application will look more complete

idk which area you're from but look around metrotown, the outlet, richmond centre, nightmarket games! or on campus etc.
May 23 2016
aerial Level 213 Scania Beginner
@natalie: the thing is most retail stores always ask about your availability in the next 6 months! I don't know what to do...
May 23 2016
draklordkill Level 160 Windia Hero
Your resume looks good Overall:
You can always change your heading about your reliability and so on for example: "Reliable individual with background in customer service and sales and applied experience. Passionate and motivated, with a drive for excellence. I am dedicated to learning and expanding my knowledge in any future ventures." Might be helpful.

As for the rest of information sometimes employers don't know the meaning of "POS" system so always good to spell it out so they can research it if necessary.

Apply at banks as a teller, they always hire part time and welcome students! Wells Fargo/Bank of America/ Citybank/ Chase/ or any local bank you might have where you live. If you get into the bank it's a retail job but at a federal building and it will give you a-lot of knowledge on how financial institutes work and might meet some clients who might offer you a job. (I say this because I worked for the WellsFargo as a student and they were very understanding about me going to school. As well they promote internally, so might work out in the end!) Don't give up on applying it takes time honestly! I applied to 100+ jobs and got only a few calls and 20 interviews. It's hard but don't look down after a few places!
Should take the time out to create a LinkedIn page and add family/friends. You can outsource yourself to find a good job through there since a-lot of headhunters are always look for people with different skills etc. Most importantly you can add the courses you are taking and maybe a brief description about projects or anything you might have worked on. It's more professional and will help in the long run.

As well go back and delete any bad references (jokes, pictures) and make sure your social media outlook is clean as well. It can be a deal breaker for many employers! You would be amazed how many workplaces regardless of position or job title refer back to social media to make a judgement call at times!
Other than that I wish you the best of luck!

PS: you speak korean! that is a plus!
May 23 2016
@aerial: would you do co op at ubc assuming that's where you go
May 23 2016
dragonbandit Level 131 Khaini Hero
Do not write a cover letter for a retail job. Huge waste of time. Make yourself available. Speak to a manager after you put in your application. You are not applying for a competitive job with benefits. A majority of the time experience does not matter for these positions. Someone will eventually hire you. Its usually a lot easier if you have someone on the inside ask friends for a "hook up".
May 23 2016
aerial Level 213 Scania Beginner
OOh! I just got an interview at A&W!
May 23 2016
mrsatan Level 207 Scania Blade Master
Look at my pause though.
May 23 2016
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
you're hired
May 24 2016

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