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Kanna bug or intended?

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vlammetjuh Level 132 Khaini Sniper See what games, anime & art vlammetjuh is intoVlammetjuh

Since a few months i'm back to playing Maplestory.
A few days ago I made a Kanna, at first for his link skill but I enjoyed playing so lvled it further...

Now i'm at 165, training at Knight's chamber 1....And it's freaking killing me!

Normal monsters hitting 4-5k physical and Elite monsters with their skill 4 times 8k...
Well done Nexon, I only got 21k HP...

My question to you guys and that just being a Kanna or is their something wrong with this job?

Hope someone has te same experience as me.
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loxiona Level 237 Mardia Kanna 4 Beloved Guild
Kanna is pretty squishy at your point, but it gets better once you get gear like gollux and CRA gear. %mp and mp from their set effects count as HP for kanna, so kanna gets double the health from these set effects compared to other jobs.

In the late game, kanna probably has more HP than most jobs. Some kannas in the past have had 100k+ hp. I'm personally at 68k (82k with decent HB and decent AB).
Mar 29 2017

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