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is this site still alive

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chema Level 69 Windia Priest See what games, anime & art chema is intoChema
This site has been dead for over 2 years
May 31 2019
ba5ilbully Level 100 Demon Avenger 4
This site just has the same 10-15 people posting, if we all stop posting, its officially dead.
Jun 01 2019
unsilenced Level 147 Elnido Phantom 4
Seems pretty dead to me, not unlike the MS community overall. Especially when half the threads I might have commented on are locked. Oh well, I only check here once every year or two.

Greetings to all and best wishes.

Jun 03 2019
hobodeity Level 24 Scania Evan 2nd Growth
It's dead.
Jun 03 2019

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