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Apr 10 08
Last Updated:
October 6, 2009 - Double washing. How much luk is 1 weapon atk.
December 4, 2008 - Since Triple throw Storybook is easily available to most people and each world has HT squads hence availability of TT30 and MW20 too -- I had to revise the 4th job skill build
September 22, 2008 - Removed bossing part because orangeking11 has made a separate thread to better discuss it more comprehensively


Job Advancements
How much luk is 1 weapon attack?
Types of Sins/Hermits/NightLord
Training Spots
Skill Points
How to Allocate Ability points
Common Problems
HP washing & Double HP washing | What? How? Why?

Corrections/Additional Info/Issues

PM me or post here if you have any corrections on this guide.
Suggestions/added infos are very much appreciated and I will credit it to you.

Making the Rogue | Dice roll stats

Ability Points
STR: 4
DEX: xx
INT: 4
LUK: xx

:: Ability Point Distribution ::

4 int/str, 25 dex capped, the rest to Luk.

Regular Dex
Level 15-45: Dex is twice your level. Ex: 30 dex at lvl 15, 40 dex at lvl 20, and so on..
Level 50+: your current level + 40. Ex: 90 dex at lvl 50, 100 dex at lvl 60, and so on..

How much luk is 1 weapon attack?

For global maplestory:
Weapon attack: Luk ratio is = Your total Luk divided by your total weapon attack

You have 900 total Luk including all your equips with luk
You have 120 weapon attack (claw atk + gloves atk + cape atk+ shoe atk + star atk , etc etc)

900luk/120weapon atk = 7.5 Luk

So every 1 weapon attack is worth 7.5 luk for you based on your range

Types of Sins/Hermits/NightLord

Normal Dex
Easiest type of build if you don't like to concern yourself with too much trouble on equips and stats. Although you will not achieve the same high damage dexless and lowdex can get, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are weak because funding still has a big role on making a strong character. With normal dex there’s no stress such as looking for 30 dex overall to make up for the 30 Ap you took from dex to add on luk instead or what not.

They are the inarguably strongest type of sins because L7 formula heavily relies on LUK which makes them do greater damage because they have the most LUK amount. They sometimes turn to low dex or become dexless scarab users at later levels because some want to wear the level 100+ claws have high base atk compared to dexless claws. But with the new releases of higher level dexless claws there will be no need for them to become dexless scarab users or low dex.

There are 2 kinds of Lowdex:
-First kind is the ones that were initially dexless and then converted to low dex at later levels. They will normally follow dexless built til they decide to use higher level claws. They usually have very minimal dex (30-50).
-The second type of lowdex is the ones who followed normal build and then capped their dex once they reach a certain amount of dex. They usually cap at 60-100 dex.

Either way, Lowdex has minimal dex and will wear dex equipments to be able to equip higher level claws (casters, red craven, and dragon sleeve) without adding more dex beyond the capped amount
Note there are equips that have + dex but no + luk counterpart so it helps the low dex put more points to Luk instead of dex. Example of this is helm for dex, dex face accessories and dex shoes. For zhelms, dexless and reg dex benefit on the + luk, where as low dex they benefit from both the dex and luk bonus

Job Advancements

To Job advance as a rogue, you will need to be level 10 and have 25 dex.

At level 30 go to Thieves Hideout located at the café at Kerning City. Speak to the Dark Lord and he will give you a letter to take to a job instructor located a few portals to the right of kerning city. You will be asked to collect 30 marbles. Once you have them talk to the instructor once again and he will give you ‘Proof of a Hero’ which you will take back to Dark Lord and get your job advance.

From HiddenStreet:

Go to El Nath - Chief Residence and speak to Arec. After talking to Arec, head back to Victoria Island and talk to Dark Lord which is located in Kerning City. Next, find the Door of Dimension located at Monkey Swamp II and it'll bring you to "The Path of the Glittering Crystal". Walk until the end of the path and enter the portal to defeat the wiseman's dark side to obtain the Black Charm.

Return to Dark Lord and exchange the Black Charm for a Necklace of Strength. Return to El Nath after that and give the item to Arec. Head on to the Holy Ground at the Snowfield (Sharp Cliff II). 1 Dark Crystal is required to answer 5 questions to obtain the Necklace of Wisdom. Again, head back to Arec in El Nath and give him the Necklace of Wisdom

Third Job Questions:

Night Lord
From Unscrupulous of PlayPark forums:

Advancing to Fourth Job
Pre-Requisites: Level 120, Third job *NOTHING ELSE*

  1. Go to El Nath and talk to your 3rd job instructor to begin the quest.
  1. Keep talking to your instructor until you receive a quest to obtain two special items for the fourth job instructor to advance.(Items not confirmed)
  1. If you like to hunt, go kill Manon and Griffey to get the two items. After hunting down these monsters and obtaining the two items, skip to step 6.
  1. Otherwise, if you are willing to spend 10 million mesos, continue with step 3.
  1. Now head to Leafre and talk to the Village Chief. He will ask you for a very special scroll.
  1. Head over to Eos Tower 44th floor to buy the scroll from the NPC for 10 million mesos.
  1. After you are done go back to the Village Chief from Leafre. He will give you the two necessary items.
  1. Now go to your 4th job instructor.
  1. Give the 2 items to the instructor to complete the quest. The instructor will advance you to fourth job, grant you the skillbook for Maple Hero, and give you 3 SP and 5 AP.
  1. Congratulations! You have on the right path to the wonders of 4th Job.

Training Spots

Training spots for Level 10-70:

Level 50-7X

Straw Target Dummys ("STDs"
Its a great training spot especially if you 1HKO them majority of the time. The map layout is flat and the spawn rate is great. You can gain a lot of mesos here and spend minimal pots (drain pls).

Forest of Gollems ("FOG"
This map is located at sleepywood. The map has 4 layers and has a good spawn rate of gollems as well.
Gollems drop pretty good items too such as tobis and 60% glove atk scrolls.

Coolies ("Zombies"
Back before there were OPQs, LMPQs, Voodoos/Hoodoos, STDs, Goblins and FOG, people level 50-70 used to train at coolies. They have the same exp has gollems and kappas. They drop zombie's lost tooth which can be sold at fm for 500 mesos each (exchange quest items)

Level 6X-80

One of the uncommon training spots which give decent exp. They drop steelys so goodluck.

Book Ghost and Sage Cats
Located at:, Book Ghosts and Sage Cats are another alternative training spots with decent exp for level 60s-70s. ~orangeking11

This will probably be the best training spot at this level. They give the most exp-hp ratio compared to other monsters which is why its extremely hard to get a map here. They drop good amount of money and they drop low level equips which you can NPC. You will barely use HP pots here if you use drain, and these monsters drop mana elixirs pretty often which is great because you hardly need to buy any pots because of this.

Green Goblins (“Kappas”)
They have a good spawn rate and a flat map just like STDs. The drawback on this map is that you should be prepared to bring all cures because the foxes curse you making you gain less exp.

Skeleton Soldier
It is the same HP:EXP ratio as zombies but with less people. It is located at: Remains II, Remains III, Camp 1, Camp 2, Camp 3. Good scroll drops too. ~BHazel

Captain and Krus
Located at Mu Lung. Although this map is ideally for Crossbowmans/Bowmans with their mob skills, Hermits can still work well on the map. Its a fast spawn, medium sized map. You can go around clockwise way of killing the mob. You need at least lvl 21 avenger if you plan to train here due to the grouped mobs

Windraiders and Stormbreaker
Windraider: 16000/ 800 EXP Stormbreaker: 38000 HP/1650 EXP
Unless you have the quest done to let you teleport through the statues, its going to be a pain to get to the maps.
Location: Cave of Pain and Cavern of Valor (and many other maps)

The badges dropped can be used for the exchange quests as well.

"Windraiders in CWK are great exp for level 75-85 maybe even 9x Hermits, the map has mass spawns, and 800 exp per kill, 16k HP per monster. I found pots aren't usually an issue seeing as tho they hit me for a max of 650, and i just drain them, MP pots are close at hand with NLC being like, right there. " ~LordUnholy

Guide : Storm/Windraider training for Hermits
Contributed by: thEAssASINZZ

I noticed these days that training has been difficult for us low 70s Hermits. It is hard getting a map at V/Hoodoos, and the exp is really really decreasing as our level passes by. But luckily, I am here to give you a new training area. W00t!

We know there is a new patch that gave us the new awesome CWK! (Awesome!) It provided many new training spots such as leprechauns and new bosses. There are these new Monsters called Windraider and Stormbreakers.

Training area : The map after the two jumpquests in CWK.
Lvl/Class Requirement : lvl 74- 90 Hermits, Accuracy isn't a problem at any level
Other Requirements : , 10 Set of stars (Recommended), 2min SP, 5Avenger, Flash Jump (Extremely useful), know how to do jumpquests well or have the mark of heroism.

Pros of this training spot : Great Exp, I got average 35% per hour at lvl 76, pretty easy to snipe the monsters, barely any potions,

Cons of this training spot : The jumpquest can be a pain, but it should be fine once you are used to it or have the mark of heroism. You can fall off the map (Rarely, I falled off 0 times in 3 weeks of training) Repotting is pain, as you have to go to NLC. Otherwise, it is a great place. O.K drops

Here is the monster info =D

Name: Windraiders
Hp/Mp : 16000/400
EXP : 800 (Awesome)
Drops : Not that good, but money is ok with a pet

Wind Raiders are the main monsters you will be training on, they have a great hp/exp ratio, they have low magic attack of around 500-600, and their magic atk range is around a 2h-Sword, so you barely get get if you are a ranged class.

Name : Stormbreaker
Hp/Mp : 38000/5000
EXP : 1650 (Do I need to explain more?)
Drops : You can find an overall for int 60% from time to time, and some doombringers

These aren't the main monsters, but kill them because they are like 2 Windraiders, and speeds up spawn (I think).

How to train: First, you have to pass the 2 jump quests, they are fairly easy, and if you done the Jack Barricade's quest, you can skip the actual jumpquest. When you get there, you will go up, I never falled once in the past 2weeks I have been training there, the map is really simple actually, use the jump down feature to navigate around the map, Flash jump helps so well here. Clear the bottom few platforms 1st, then you will get a huge spawn of windraiders at the top of the map. Mob them into a huge pile, because their magic atk range is so low, you won't get hit unless they come REALLY close, when they do, simply fj over them to the other side and repeat, I wasted 10unagis in a hour of training, because drain saves pots REALLY well when you just get hit once.

Tip: Try not to go on the plats with Stormbreakers at a low level, they can knock you down.
Tip: Practice with FJ, it helps really well getting on platforms, and using the new jump down feature works well.

For lvl 75- Hermits who aren't really funded, try to split the map with another hermit, the spawn is amazing just for you to stand and snipe, and you don't take damage.

% Per Hour
Lvl 75 : 35% Per hour,
Lvl 76 : 35% Per hour,
Lvl 77 : 33% Per hour,

I expect the % to decrease as you go, but the % per hour at those levels are simply amazing, this is a great alternative to V/Hoodoos. Give it a try if you have any chances.

Level 8X-9X

Wolf Spider – Great drops such as Ilbis, Blue Scarabs, Blue Screamer

Death Teddies (DTs), Master Death Teddies (MDTs)

Squids (first squid map that has gobies too) at late 8X you can most likely kill them fast enough to get decent exp.
Squid Parties (Lethal Squids, 2nd map to the right at Aqua)
Level 92 is the leech level for squids. Squid Parties: Consists of 3 attackers (mostly ranged types such as sins, bowmans, xbowmans) + 1 priest for HS. This is great EXP at 92-100, and its cheap training as well because you can use drain when they magic attack you (they have low magic atk damage).

It’s a good place to train, just learn the sniping spots to minimize pot usage. You can solo or party here the same as squids.
Sample Video on soloing Vikings.

Optional if you are bored and want to hunt for Red Craven. They are decent exp too.

Level 100+

Himes leech level is 95, but it’s preferred you try himes at level 100+ with a priest for best EXP. Himes is good til level 120s. Beyond that its decent exp, but skeles/newties map have better % per hour with a full party.

Newties/Transformed Newties/Nest Gollems
There is a sniping spot at newties which is especially great for ranged class. You will use much less pots here compared to himes and its almost the same % per hour.
The best party is a Bishop/Archmage + HB mule and a few attackers. If you don't have a Bishop/Archmage try to get more than 3 attackers + HS mule to split the map for faster EXP

Skelegons and Skelosauruses
Same with newties, its highly recommended that you have a Bishop or Archmage to spam ultimate skills for fastest EXP, if not get a party to cover the whole map.
Night Lords need higher than 3.5k HP or get an HB mule to survive at skeles. But that doesn't stop most low level Night Lords from training there because some people try to kill the skele before it does any attacks on you. They spawn with a good distance from each other so try to take them down fast one by one if you don't have HB.

For the big skele map, Bishops/Archmages spam ultimates at the top-middle platform and attackers kill at the bottom part of the map

Crimson Guardian
6100 EXP for 120,000HP
Its a decent training map as it gives good exp and is perfect for attacker party + hs mule since these monsters are strong against the AM and bishop attack. The drawback of this training map is that you need a lot of all cures to train here because these monsters seal you a lot. The touch damage and (ranged) physical attacks arent that high 2k-3k (?) but they have this magic attack (which they use rarely) where it pounds the ground and from what I remember it does 4.5k+ damage more or less so watch out.

Level 140+

Skeles... Newties...Guardians..
Still those until nexon releases new maps

Boss training
At these levels grinding at skeles is starting to go slow, training on bosses is a nice option.
The time to kill these area bosses depends highly on your range/Triple throw level and if you apple/SE or not
If you have a good range+ appled + have abundant bigfoots/anegos to kill = faster exp per hour than training at skeles with bishop at higher levels

HP: 32,000,000
EXP: 2,660,000
Spawn Time: 8 hours?
The approx % per kill if you SOLO (meaning no one has ever hit the monster besides you and you do not have a party that can leech of the exp)
At level 140 (approx) that is 3% with 1x exp and 6% with 2x exp
At level 150 (approx) that is 1.7% with 1x exp and 3.4 with 2x exp
At level 160 (approx) that is 1.06 % with 1x exp and 2.12% with 2x exp

HP: 75,000,000
EXP: 3,900,000
Spawn Time: 13 hours?
The approx % per kill if you SOLO (meaning no one has ever hit the monster besides you and you do not have a party that can leech of the exp)
At level 140 (approx) that is 4.5% with 1x exp and 9% with 2x exp
At level 150 (approx) that is 2.6% with 1x exp and 5.2 with 2x exp
At level 160 (approx) that is 1.5% with 1x exp and 3% with 2x exp

Tip for the funded:
"If you consider yourself a well-funded and powerful hermit, get 2x exp and a steady supply of apples at around lvl 75. Then go to rissell squids and solo. You can easily reach lvl 85 in less than a week with this method. ~IImaplers
DTs/MDTs are a very good option for hermits at lvl 70-75 if you do not die in 1 hit, especially with apples. My own experience got me like 80%+ per hour with 2x exp at around lvl 72. I did use SP at a low level though, which cost me a lot of $. ~IImaplers (I know someone in my BL who did this too, so I think if you got a lot of mesars you can try it out and see how it goes for you)
At level 95+ If you use onyx apples you can solo himes and get as much as 30%+ an hour. It helps if you have auto pot (less dying) and 2x EXP (60%+ per hour :O)
By this time you should have Max Alchemist so that your apples will last 15 mins. and use barbarian elixirs for HP pots since they are cheaper and you can store of them (150 pots per slot)

Skill Points

Rogues | "Thief Skills"

Nimble body [passive]: Max level: 20 - accuracy+20 and avoidibility+20
Keen eyes [passive]: Max level: 8 (Pre-requisite: Nimble Body Lv. 3) - Increases the range of throwing stars +200
Dark sight [active]: Immunity from physical damage for a certain amount of time. You cannot attack while on dark sight. You can get hit with magic attacks while on dark sight. Non-aggressive monsters will stop their magic attacks on you once you go on dark sight. But aggressive monsters will still go after you even on dark sight
Lucky seven [active]: You know what this is ^_^. Max leve:l 20 - Damage 150% x 2 Hits

Lucky 7 formula:
-Maximum Damage for 1 Throwing Star - [((5.0*LUK)/100)*Weapon Attack)*Damage Percentage]
-Minimum Damage for 1 Throwing Star- [((2.5*LUK)/100)*Weapon Attack)*Damage Percentage]
Lucky 7 has its own built in mastery so Claw Mastery on 2nd job does not affect L7.

10: lucky seven (1)
11: nimble body (3)
12: keen eye (3)
13: to keen eye (6)
14: keen eye (8) (max) lucky seven (2)
15: lucky seven (5)
16: lucky seven (8)
17: lucky seven (11)
18: lucky seven (14)
19: lucky seven (17)
20: lucky seven (20) (max)
21: nimble body (6)
22: nimble body (9)
23: nimble body (12)
24: nimble body (15)
25: nimble body (18)
26: nimble body (20) (max) 1disorder (1)
27: disorder (3) dark sight (1)
28: dark sight (4)
29: dark sight (6)
30: dark sight (10)

Assassins | “Assassin Skills"

Its recommended you max Critical throw first, for better damage and faster training.

Claw mastery [passive]: Increases the mastery of throwing stars and accuracy, along with the maximum number of throwing stars to recharge. It only applies when the character is throwing stars.
Max level: 20 - Claw mastery 60%, accuracy +20, maximum number +200
Critical Throw [passive]: Enables the character to make a critical attack with throwing stars on a certain success rate. (Pre-requisite: Claw Mastery Lv. 3)
Max level: 30 - 50% success rate, critical damage 200%
Claw Booster [active-support]: Use HP and MP to temporarily boost up the attacking speed of the claw. It only applies when the character is equipped with a claw throwing stars. (Pre-requisite: Claw Mastery Lv. 5)
Max level 20: HP -10, MP -10; Improves claw speed for 200 seconds
Haste[active - support]: Temporarily improves the speed and jumping ability of every member of the party.
Max level 20: MP -30; Speed +40, jump +20 for 200 seconds
Drain [active]: Absorb some of the damage dished out to the enemy as HP. The most one can absorb at once is the character's MaxHP / 2, and can't absorb more than the MaxHP of the enemy. (Pre-requisite: Endure Lv. 3)
Max level 30: MP -24; Damage 160%, absorbing 45% of the damage
Drain is a great money saver because on monsters that takes more than 2 hits to kill you. you can drain them instead of using pots.

Power Build
For those who prefer to train

30: claw mastery (1)
31: claw mastery (3) critical throw (1)
32: critical throw (4)
33: critical throw (7)
34: critical throw (10)
35: critical throw (13)
36: critical throw (16)
37: critical throw (19)
38: critical throw (22)
39: critical throw (25)
40: critical throw (28)
41: critical throw (max 30) haste (1)
42: haste (4)
43: haste (7)
44: haste (10)
45: haste (13)
46: haste (16)
47: haste (19)
48: haste (max 20) claw mastery (5)

Speed Build
For people who like to MCPQ/LPQ up til they can

30: haste (1)
31: haste (4)
32: haste (7)
33: haste (10)
34: haste (13)
35: haste (16)
36: haste (19)
37: haste (20), claw mastery (2)
38: claw mastery (3) critical throw (2)
39: critical throw (5)
40: critical throw (8)
41: critical throw (11)
42: critical throw (14)
43: critical throw (17)
44: critical throw (20)
45: critical throw (23)
46: critical throw (26)
47: critical throw (29)
48: critical throw (30) claw mastery (5)

Continuation for both build:

[Or instead of Claw mastery Add a few points to booster for faster attacks, its up to you to do some variations on you skill build, in the end just make sure to max the useful ones]
49: 3 to claw mastery (8)
50: 3 to claw mastery (11)
51: 3 to claw mastery (14)
52: 3 to claw mastery (17)
53: 3 to claw mastery (max 20)
54: 3 to claw booster (3)
55: 3 to claw booster (6)
56: 3 to claw booster (9)
57: 3 to claw booster (12)
58: 3 to claw booster(15)
59: 3 to claw booster (18)***
60: 3 to endure (3)
61: 3 to drain (3)
62: 3 to drain (6)
63: 3 to drain (9)
64: 3 to drain (12)
65: 3 to drain (15)
66: 3 to drain (18)
67: 3 to drain (21)
68: 3 to drain (24)
69: 3 to drain (27)
70: 3 to drain (30)***

  • ** max drain or max booster. Whichever works for you.

Other recommended builds:
Critical>3-4Booster>Haste>Drain>Drain or Mastery (Choose Any first, but MAX Both)>18 Booster ~RazorFlash

Hermits | “The Way of the Hermit"

Alchemist [Passive]: Increases the effect of the recovery-based items like potions and others, and lengthen time for the effect, if the item is based on such. However, items such as Elixir and others that base the recovery in % do not apply in this skill.
Max level: Recovery rate 150%, duration of effect 150%
Usefulness: 8/10
Having max Alchemist means your pot that usually heals 1000 HP will heal 1500 HP, and Onyx Apples lasts 15 minutes instead of 10. Which means cheaper cost in training and bossing.

Avenger [Active-Attack]: Uses MP to make an enormous throwing star for attack. The throwing star will go through an enemy, and attack the ones behind it, too.
Max level: MP -30; Basic attack 180%, uses 3 throwing stars to attack up to 6 enemies
Usefulness: 9/10
Mob Skill. Need I say more?

Flash Jump [Active-Support]: Pre-requisite: Avenger Lv 5. While in the air after a jump, use this skill + the arrow for a second jump. The higher the skill level, the farther the distance for the jump.
Max level: MP-13; Jumps a certain distance
Usefulness: 7/10
Not an attack skill and not a buff. Its a support skill that lets you travel maps faster, reach places that normal jumps cannot reach and helps you avoid monsters easier. It is faster than teleport. A few cons for FJ is pot/skill lag, while on air you cannot use a pot/skill, and underwater FJ doesn't go very far.

Meso Up [Active-Support]: For a certain amount of time, everyone in the party can make the enemies drop more mesos than usual with this skill.
Max level: MP -60; Drop rate +50% for 120 seconds
Usefulness: 4/10
It is useful on certain maps where fast spawning monsters that drop abundant mesos. But the higher your level you will realize alchemist saves you more money than meso up can provide. And unless you have a pet with all the looting equips, looting manually slows down training. The meso gained from here isn't ver significant at later levels.

Shadow Partner [Active-Attack]: For a certain amount of time, a shadow will appear, repeating your every move. There's no real stamina in it, and it will disappear after some time.
Max level: MP -55; Normal attack 80%, summoned with basic attack 50% for 180 seconds
Usefulness: 10/10
I don't think this one needs further explanations.

Shadow Meso [Active-Attack]: Replaces MP with mesos and attacks enemies with the damage based on the amount of mesos thrown. Ignores the enemies' "weapon def. up" and "magic guard up."
Max level: Uses min. 340 mesos, max. 800 mesos; Basic attack +50% with 10% success rate
Usefulness: 2/10
You are literally throwing thousands of your money (with shadow partner) each attack. The damage for Shadow mesos is fixed meaning it will not do more damage as you level higher, your L7 will outdamage Shadow Meso.

Shadow Web [Active-Attack]: Makes a spiderweb of your shadow, and holds up to 6 enemies in one spot at once. The enemies held in the spiderweb will be unable to move.
Max level: MP -22; Holds the enemies with 80% success rate for 8 seconds
Usefulness: 2/10
You will almost never use the skill for training. The only time hermits use it is when mobbing himes for Crow.

Common Skill builds:
This build will help you get out of voodoos and STDs faster than any other build.

Version 1: (Alchemist first for Apple-Users)
70: Avenger(1)
71: Shadow Partner(3)
72: Shadow Partner(6)
73: Shadow Partner(9)
74: Shadow Partner(12)
75: Shadow Partner(15)
76: Shadow Partner(18)
77: Shadow Partner(21)
78: Shadow Partner(24)
79: Shadow Partner(27)
80: Shadow Partner(30)
81: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(4)
82: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Alchemist (1)
83: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Alchemist (4)
84: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Alchemist (7)
85: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Alchemist (10)
86: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Alchemist (13)
87: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Alchemist (16)
88: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Alchemist (19)
89: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Alchemist (20), Meso-Up (2)
90: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Alchemist (20), Meso-Up (5)

Continue maxing meso-up after that max FJ.

Version 2: (Meso-Up version, less recommended, but some people do it this way)
70: Avenger(1)
71: Shadow Partner(3)
72: Shadow Partner(6)
73: Shadow Partner(9)
74: Shadow Partner(12)
75: Shadow Partner(15)
76: Shadow Partner(18)
77: Shadow Partner(21)
78: Shadow Partner(24)
79: Shadow Partner(27)
80: Shadow Partner(30)
81: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(4)
82: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Meso-Up (1)
83: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Meso-Up (4)
84: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Meso-Up (7)
85: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Meso-Up (10)
86: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Meso-Up (13)
87: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Meso-Up (16)
88: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Meso-Up (19)
89: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Meso-Up (20), Alchemist (2)
90: Shadow Partner(30), Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Meso-Up (20), Alchemist (5)

I-want-FJ-Asap way
70: Avenger(1) [-or-] Shadow Partner(1)
71: Avenger(4) [-or-] Avenger(3)
72: Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1), Shadow Partner(1) [-or-] Avenger(5), Flash Jump(1),
73: Shadow Partner(4)
74: Shadow Partner(7)
75: Shadow Partner(10)
76: Shadow Partner(13)
77: Shadow Partner(16)
78: Shadow Partner(19)
79: Shadow Partner(22)
80: Shadow Partner(25)
81: Shadow Partner(28)
82: Shadow Partner(30) , 1 extra SP

Then continue maxing avenger or FJ depending on your training spot preference
After maxing both avenger and FJ, max Alchemist THEN max Meso Up.
Alchemist will save you a lot of mesos on hp pots and attack pots. Meso Up is very helpful for more mesos to loot but you will benefit more by maxing alchemist first.

Night Lords | "Secret skills of Night Lord"

Its hard to set a specific skill build because our chances of aquiring skills is different. But for the major useful skills that you should prioritize are: Triple Throw, Venom, Maple Warrior and Shadow Claw.

*Skill Book: Its an item you need to "learn" a skill. Some skills on 4th job are by default listed in your Skill List and some are not. For the skills that are not listed by default you need to do a quest to earn it or loot a skill book to have the skill.
*Mastery Book: For all the skills you have, they each have a capped amount of points you can add on to, which is 10 points. After you have added 10 points for the skills you cannot add more until you have used a mastery book to raise the Master level and add points further. Mastery Book 20 lets you add up to 20 SP to the skill and Mastery Book 30 lets you add up to 30 SP to the skill. You need to use mastery book 20 before mastery book 30.

Triple throw

Three stars are thrown at the same time giving immense amount of damage to the enemy. (active)
Max Level: 30
Level 01: MP - 11 / 102% Damage
Level 15: MP - 15 / 130% Damage
Level 30: MP - 20 / 150% Damage

How to aquire the skill:
Skillbook - Zakum (Untradable)
Level 20 Mastery - Zakum
Level 30 Mastery - Horntail


You can passively attack the enemy with poison up to three times, but the enemy's HP will not fall below 1. (active)
Max Level: 30
Level 01: Magic Attack 31 / 12% Chance / 2 seconds
Level 15: Magic Attack 45 / 20% Chance / 3 seconds
Level 30: Magic Attack 60 / 30% Chance / 4 seconds

- The damage is based on the monster's HP, It ignores weapon def and magic def.
- It does not work on bosses and on monsters that are immune to poison.

How to aquire the skill:
Skillbook - This is one of the default Night Lord skills, No skillbook necessary
Level 20 Mastery - Papulatus
Level 30 Mastery - Zakum

Shadow Claw

Use 200 stars out of your current deck to be able to use an infinite amount of stars for a given duration. (active)
Max Level: 30
Level 01: MP - 15 / 62 seconds
Level 15: MP - 20 / 90 seconds
Level 30: MP - 25 / 120 seconds

When you use it, it will initially take out 200 stars from your current set and for a certain amount of time, the stars you throw using any attack skills will not be subratcted from your current deck while SC is still active. It is used the same as soul arrow, except SC uses the weapon attack of the 200 stars that was taken.

How to aquire the skill:
Skillbook - This is one of the default Night Lord skills, No skillbook necessary
Level 20 Mastery - Dropped by Brexton [Hidden Street]
Level 30 Mastery - Papulatus

Ninja Storm

Hurl enemies to the left and right of you using your Ninja's Shadow. [Effective for up to 6 enemies] (active)
Max Level: 30
Level 01: MP - 16 / 42% damage / 42% Chance / 150 KB distance / 1 second stun / 70% range
Level 15: MP - 24 / 65% damage / 70% Chance / 150 KB distance / 1 second stun / 100% range
Level 30: MP - 25 / 80% damage / 100% Chance / 200 KB distance / 1 second stun / 130% range

Monsters near you will be pushed away for a certain distance according to the level. Monsters on the right will be pushed further to the right and monsters on the left will be pushed further to the left.

How to aquire the skill:
Skillbook - Sealed Letter Quest
Level 20 Mastery - Dropped by Skelegon and Skelosaurus [Hidden Street] ~ xEnerg1zerx
Level 30 Mastery - Guild PQ [Sleepywood] ~ xEnerg1zerx

Sealed Letter Quest for Ninja Storm Skill: (from sleepywood)
1. Find the "Unknown Letter" storybook from Dual Ghost Pirates.
2. Now travel to Ludi : Cloud Balcony (Go to Terrace Hall and continue going left until you reach it).
3. Once you get there, use "The Sealed Letter" and you will be transported to another map. Someone there will refer you to Orbis to find a marble. Click on the orb in the Maple Leaf on the roof of the Guild Palace.
4. After your done, travel back to the Cloud Balcony
5. You will be told to hunt for three items to hunt for 3 items: Blue Tornado (Boogies from 1st body Zakum), Dark Hole (Thanatos), and Griffey Wind (Griffey)
6. Once you collect all the required items, travel to Leafre
7. Talk to your 4th job instructor to finish.

Shadow Shifter

The enemy is deceived with a wooden doll substitution. When this skill succeeds, your character will make the F2 expression. (passive)
Max Level: 30
Level 01: Probability 1%
Level 15: Probability 15%
Level 30: Probability 30%

How to aquire the skill:
Skillbook - This is one of the default Night Lord skills, No skillbook necessary
Level 20 Mastery - Dropped by Dark Wyvern and Pianus [Sleepywood] ~ xEnerg1zerx
Level 30 Mastery - Dropped by Right Pianus


By provoking the enemy, you increase its physical defense, experience value, and drop ratio by a fixed percentage for a set duration.
Pre-requisite: Level 10 Shadow shifter
Max Level: 30
Level 01: MP - 21 / 120 seconds / +11% EXP, drop ratio, physical defense
Level 15: MP - 35 / 120 seconds / +25% EXP, drop ratio, physical defense
Level 30: MP - 40 / 120 seconds / +40% EXP, drop ratio, physical defense

How to aquire the skill:
Skillbook - El Nath PQ (Untradable)
Level 20 Mastery - Dropped by Manon, Nest Golem
Level 30 Mastery - Guild PQ Bonus

Ninja Ambush

A hidden band of thieves strikes suddenly for a fixed duration. The HP of the enemies affected cannot fall below 1. [Effective for up to 6 enemies]
Pre-requisite: Level 5 Shadow Shifter
Max Level: 30

Level 01: MP - 16 / 62% Damage / 4 seconds / 110% Range
Level 15: MP - 32 / 85% Damage / 8 seconds / 150% Range
Level 30: MP - 43 / 100% Damage / 12 seconds / 200% Range

How to aquire the skill:
Skillbook - Ninja Ambush Quest
Level 20 Mastery - Dropped by Vikings, Rissel Squids
Level 30 Mastery - Guild PQ Bonus

Ninja Ambush Quest: (from Sleepywood)
1. Talk to the 4th job instructor to begin the quest
2. Head to Kerning and talk to your 2nd job instructor
3. Keep talking to him. he'll give you a quest to defeat 6 ninjas
4. Talk to him once again to enter an arena. Defeat the 6 ninjas in the arena before the 20 minute timer runs out. If you die or don't defeat all 6 ninjas, you must restart the quest.
5. Once you finish, head out of the arena.
6. Talk to the 3rd instructor to finish and receive your skillbook

Allocating Skill points

I've changed the skill builds since nearly everyone has easy access to getting TT skill book even before theyre level 120

Skill Build 1: Training Type

Level 120: Triple Throw (1), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 121: Triple Throw (4), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 122: Triple Throw (7), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 123: Triple Throw (10), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 124: Triple Throw (13), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 125: Triple Throw (16), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 126: Triple Throw (19), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 127: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (3)
Level 128: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (6)
Level 129: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (9)
Level 130: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (12)
Level 131: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (12), Maple Warrior (1)
Level 132: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (12), Maple Warrior (4)
Level 133: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (12), Maple Warrior (7)
Level 134: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (13), Maple Warrior (9)
Level 135: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (16), Maple Warrior (9)

Depending on your funding, you can max Triple Throw ASAP buy just buying the skill book.
After maxing TT, go max MW too, then continue with venom then shadow stars, then Shadow shifter.

Skill Build 2: Bossing Type
(With this build I'm assuming you are trying to Horntail at level 14x-15X and is trying to earn Triple Throw 30 and Maple warrior 20)

Level 120: Triple Throw (1), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1) --- Level 1 venom just so you can train faster at newties/skeles
Level 121: Triple Throw (4), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 122: Triple Throw (7), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 123: Triple Throw (10), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 124: Triple Throw (13), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 125: Triple Throw (16), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 126: Triple Throw (19), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1)
Level 127: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (2)
Level 128: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (5)
Level 129: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (8)
Level 130: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (2)
Level 131: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (5)
Level 132: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (8)
Level 133: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (11)
Level 134: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (14)
Level 135: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (17)
Level 136: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (20)
Level 137: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (23)
Level 138: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (26)
Level 139: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (1), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (29)
Level 140: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (4), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (30)
Level 141: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (6), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (30)
Level 142: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (9), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (30)
Level 143: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (12), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (30)
Level 144: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (15), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (30)
Level 145: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (18), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (30)
Level 146: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (21), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (30)
Level 147: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (24), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (30)
Level 148: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (27), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (30)
Level 149: Triple Throw (20), Shadow Stars (30), Venom (1), Maple Warrior (9), Shadow shifter (30)

Level until you have enough HP for horntail, and save all those Skill points for when you earn TT30 and MW20
You can alternate maxing Shadow stars before Shadow shifter or what ever makes bossing easier for you
Shadow shifter is very useful on bosses since it saves you a heck load of pots (it lowered my pot consumption at horntail by half) so more room for stars, and lowers your risk of dying.
Shadow stars is self explanatory, HT runs are 1 hour ish, and if you have 2 runs, thats a lot of stars that you'll have to bring if you only have level 1 shadow stars. And you cant recharge after 1 run of HT since leaving the map would have to have you re-do the quest to enter.


Note: Your choices for equips/weapons are NOT limited to the ones I will mention. I am only listing the preferred and common equips that the thief class wears.

The Equips especially the overall is very limited. They have to wear equips that have no dex requirements and have + luk

Low Dex
They will mainly focus on Dex equips. They should calculate their Base dex + Dex from equips and it should be just enough to be able to equip their preferred claw.

Example of an average low dex built:
Base dex: + 50
ht pendant +22
Zhelm + 23
Dex bottom: + 20
Cape + 10
Earrings + 10
Facestompers + 5
= 140 dex which enough for craven
+ luk topwear, 15 luk (zhelm),
They will have more + Luk than reg dex and still wear the same weapon.

Regular Dex
You can wear a new neat equips of the thief class every 5-10 levels.
Mostly pick the black or red versions of the equips because those are the ones with +luk


Earrings can be scrolled with either dex or luk.
Dexless who wears dexless claws should wear luk earrings. And dexless who plans to wear a scarab or higher lvl dex weapon wears dex earrings.
Low dex usually would wear dex earrings.
Normal dex should wear luk earrings, as they already have sufficient dex.


Level 25-42:
-Old Raggedy cape with + luk
-Black Raggedy Cape is also a good choice for 25-42 because it gives 0 ~ 3 W. Attk ~KhainiMaster
Level 43-50: Icarus 1 or 2 with + luk. Icarus 1 for + 15 avoidability. Icarus 2 for +10 speed. At level 43 you have probably have really few points at haste and this cape has plus speed which will help you move around faster till you have maxed haste.
Level 50: Pink Adventurer Cape (aka PAC). These capes come with +1-4 atk clean. The +atk can go up much higher when chaosed. And it can be scrolled with luk/dex/str. Get the +luk ones for dexless/normal dex and usually +dex for the lowdex
Level 65: Pink Gaia cape. These capes can get as high as 5 atk. If you are extremely funded you can then switch to 5 atk pink as this cape is very costly.


Dexless: LUK sauna (or Dex sauna IF you are a dexless scarab/gig user)
Low dex:
For those with very low base dex: use Dex overall (such as avenger/sauna).
For those with a higher capped dex opt for scrolled LUK top, scrolled DEX bottom. This dex + luk combo works well.
Regular Dex: They will use the Top/bottom/overall according to their respective level. Stay with the ones that have the most + Luk. Scroll the top with scrolls for topwear for Luk as well. Thief clothes are really cool looking and regular dex thieves are lucky to wear them.


Scroll for shoes that adds Dex stat is called: Scroll for shoes Jump. Do not be confused with Scroll for shoes Dex because this one adds accuracy and avoid instead of the stat Dex

For all types (funded)
These are shoes that has + atk. Clean ones have 2 atk 5 slots, but when chaosed the atk will range from 0-27.

Regular Dex:
Wear the respective shoes for your level that has the most + luk

Low dex
Black Snow Snowshoes
A seven slot thief shoe with no dex requirement. This is the shoes that is commonly scrolled with +dex because it has no dex requirement.

As an alternative, people also scroll green goni shoes (+3 dex base) or other thief shoes.

Black Dorothy Shoes
These level 21 shoes have +luk and + luk and it doesn’t have a dex requirement. I personally find this better than SS for dexless because this has + luk bonus which benefits them better than dex BSS.


Helmet Scrolling
There are 2 kinds of scrolls that add dex to helms: helm for dex and helm for accuracy.
Helm for Accuracy 70% adds 1 dex 2 accuracy and 30% adds 2 dex 4 accuracy.
helm for Dex 70% adds 2 dex and 30% adds 3 dex.

Helm for Accuracy is much cheaper but it is only recommended for warriors.
If you want highest dex possible scroll your zhelm/or any helm with helm for DEX.

All types (no stat requirement to wear)
Level 10+: Purple Bandana (1-3 luk), Maple bandana
Lowdex can scroll their hats with Scroll for helmet Accuracy, which gives + dex and accuracy.
Level 25+: brown bamboo hats (Luk +3) for dexless and regular dex, green bamboo hats (Dex +3) for lowdex.
Level 40+: bone helms (Speed +8, Jump +5), Toymaker Cap (STR +1, DEX +1, INT +1, LUK +1). ~smartguy11
Level 70+:
There's the lvl 70 Maple Helm if you're lucky enough to get one, it give +3 to all stats ~Smitenon
-Lord Pirate's Hat is also good choice if you're patient enough, since it starts at +1 to all (lvl 60 hat, after 30 PPQs) up to (+5 to all for lvl 90 hat, after 350 PPQ). The Lv. 70 and Lv. 80 one both give +3 to all stats. Only difference is that the lv. 80 one has more of a HP/MP bonus along with extra W. and M. Def. A PPQ could take around from 8 - 20 minutes, depending on the strength and killing efficiency of the party. ~bombinator

Funded: Zakum helmet (+13 to +17 stat bonus on INT, LUK, STR and DEX)

Regular dex: Besides the other helms like zhelms, they can wear thief helmets according to their respective level . Thief hats are mostly the coolest looking hats in maple especially the Pirate hat and Identity hat.


Work gloves/Brown work gloves/Stormcaster gloves that has + atk. The higher + attack, the better.
But most people who are not majorly funded stick with 10 atk gloves because thats a decent attack with a reasonable price. The higher the atk the higher price increment they have.

People also try to scroll thief gloves with + att. The advantage is theres base +luk/+dex/+def from this gloves which is good, but the disadvantage is that it is limited to the thief class and the dexless might not be able to equip those that have high dex requirement. So it is harder for it to re-sell than work gloves which can be worn by all.


Claws that do not have dex requirements

Level 10-35: Garnier (Kerning equips shop)
Since you will be using this for a long time, scrolling it will help.
Level 35-43: Maple Claw (Maple Anniversary)
Level 43-55: Maple Kandayo (Maple Anniversary)
Level 50+: Neva (ITCG)
Level 55+: Shinobi Bracer (Gachapon)
Level 64: Skanda (Maple Anniversary)
Level 90: Night ravens claw

  • Dexless Scarab users*
Some dexless will aim to wear a claw that requires dex, but they will wear dex equips to pile on the dex they need to be able to wear the claw.

A lot of low dex usually stop at wearring scarabs. The really funded ones can aim for craven (a luk claw) or a sleve and they will try to wear pendant, scrolled zhelm with dex, etc to get the least minimum dex to equip it.

Regular Dex
Regular dex have enough dex to wear the highest level claws easily. Pick out the ones that add luk instead of dex.

Common Problems

Which star should I buy
Quantity > Quality when it comes to stars
20 ilbis is better than 2 fury stars
The 20 ilbis will help you train longer than 2 fury stars.
Upgrade gradually.
Say for example you have 10 tobis and you want to upgrade to all steelys. Don’t sell all your tobis just to buy 2 steelys. What you do is every time you have extra money on your inventory use that plus sell 1 or 2 of your tobies and then buy 1 steely. Then save up money again and buy some more every time you have enough to buy for 1.

What do I upgrade?
Prioritize on upgrading equips that add weapon attack (such as claws, wg, stars & pac) because weapon attack gives a bigger damage boost as compared to equips that add luk (luk capes, overalls, zhelm).

Option 1: Unfunded
Claw – WG – PAC – others (get clothes with the most +luk available)
Option 2: funded
Zhelm – Claw – WG – PAC - facestompers – others (clothes, dex earrings, ilbis, etc)

I’m weak and I have no mesars f4
- try to prioritize the items you want to upgrade set the budget and find a way to earn the money so that you upgrade one equip at a time gradually.
APQ: If you are married, apq is great money. Apples lately go for as much as 2m. If you get at least 1 apple a day you have 14M in 1 week. You can get scrolls here too such as 60% glove atk, scrolls for capes, etc.

LMPQ: Def scrolls sell for 50-90k each and the pots you can use or sell to NPC
Sakura Cellions: The kitties drop good money. The tails can be sold for 400-500 mesos each.
Monster Carnival: The necklace sells for good money and you can get equips for a few coins and you can sell/npc the equips.
Merchanting – Reselling/Forging/Refining, etc
- Recommended Merchanting guide:
Joining or Organizing your own Zakum/CWK/HT runs
If you have a lot of high level friends or guild mates who you can organize together to make runs, selling zhelms/htpends/naricain pends is a good way to make money and at the same time have fun taking down a boss.
Selling anego leech – good way to earn money while getting exp as well.

Quests that rewards profitable rewards:
From WinglessOne's thread:

Eliminate The Monsters From The Site (Lvl 25)
Sakura and The Teddy Beear (Lvl 30)
Jane and The Wild Boar (Lvl 30)
The Missing Mechanical parts (Lvl 30)
The View Of The Ocean (Lvl 30)
Food-Hunting for Moppie III (Lvl 30)
POLLUTED! <2-Curse Eye> (Level 30)
Terminating the Dark Force (Lvl 31)
A Delivery To A Lost Time (Lvl 33)
Sakura and The Seal (Lvl 35)
Eos Tower Threatened! (Lvl 35)
Rowen the Fairy and The Cursed Dolls (Lvl 35)
Subani's Legacy (Lvl 36)
ReVersal (Lvl 40)
Sakura, The Kitty and the Orange Marble (Lvl 40)
Shumi's Lost Sack of Money (Lvl 40)
Movie Star (BELOW Lvl 40)
Jane The Alchemist (Lvl 40)
To The New World (Lvl 40)
Alpha Platoon's Network of Communication (Lvl 40)
Peace At Eos Tower (Lvl 40)
The History of Zeta Leticulan (Lvl 45)
The Alligators At The Swamp (Lvl 52)
The Outlaw In The Sea (Lvl 55-100)
Preparing For The Revival (Lvl 55)
In Search of The Ancient Book (Lvl 55)
Doll In The Dark (Lvl 55)
Notice From The Excavation Team (Lvl 60)
Scadur's New Fur Coat (Level 60)
Soul In The Dark (Lvl 70)
Operation Eliminate Red-Nosed Pirates (Lvl 70)
Monster Rumor Mill (Lvl 80)
The Committee Challenges (Lvl 85)
Open Sesami (Lvl 85)
An Unknown Love (Lvl 85)
Sabitrama's Life Work (Lvl 85)
Freed From Darkness (Lvl 90)
Muse Is Cooking (Lvl 95)

Dexless Issues:
From playpark forums:

Wouldn’t pure luk sin have very low accuracy since their dex is capped at 25?
No. For thieves, 1 luk adds 0.5 accuracy and 1 dex adds 0.8 accuracy, hence without dex pure luk sins can still hit they have very high luk that adds lots of accuracy.

Will pure luk sins have unstable dmg since dex affects the stability of dmg?
Yes and no. For normal atks (no skills), drain and avenger, which uses the normal dmg formula, pure luk sins’ dmg will be unstable compared to normal sins or low-dex sins, since our dex is very low. However, for lucky seven, this is not the case. Lucky seven’s formula does not take into account dex, but uses a built in mastery of its own.

HP washing | What? How? Why?

You like bossing but bosses keep owning you. HP washing is an option for you.
With the more recent bosses like Horntail, your only options to survive is to wear many hp gear and be lvl 200 or HP wash and ht as early as when you can get 4700 HP.
HP washing is one way to raise your HP but take note that you need a lot of NX (AP Resets) to successfully HP wash.

How do I do it?

  1. When you level up add the AP points to HP
  1. Remove the same amount of points from MP
  1. Add to your normal AP allocation of LUK/DEX
Thieves get a random increment of 16~20 hp each time we add an AP into HP.
Then get a reduction in 12 mp each time we take out an AP from MP.

Limitation in HP washing:
There is a limit of how much you can reduce your MP. You don't want to end up your AP points stuck at HP because you cannot remove points from MP once you are at minimum MP required. So always compute what your minimum MP should be and deduct the current MP you have to figure out how many washes you can do
(your level*14) + 148 = A

  • *By using the above formula, A will be the minimum mp you need to maintain in order to wash any AP successfully. Your AP will be "stuck" if you do not have enough mp.
Note: remove any +mp equips to ensure accuracy.

How do I increase my base mp then?
Knowing that mp is now critical to hp washing, there are ways to increase mp..which has been proven and that is to equip INT items to lvl up (you'll need your friends or party members to help you out on this so you can leach the last bit of % just before leveling). Usually having a total of 50 INT and above will achieve max mp gained per lvl up although more is recommended.

Common equips to get int from:
Earring scrolled with int
Gloves scrolled with int
Goblin bat
Cape scrolled with int
Overall scrolled with int
wooden wand/1h sword scrolled with mattk/int scrolls
yellow snow shoes
HTpendant(22int+)/Naricain Pendant(5int+)/Silver Deputy Star(5int+)
White or Brown Raccoon Masks scrolled with int
Shield scrolled with int

Double Washing

You wore all the int gear you could possibly make and borrow and you still lack the MP to reach the HP you wanted.
What now? You double wash.

Double washing V.1
(For low leveled people who will be able to level up many times or for people who already have a lot of saved AP points)

  1. Firstly when you level up try to save all the AP points you have.
After you level up keep your int gear equipped. Then add your available AP points into MP (while wearing the int gear).
for each 10 int you are wearing while adding the points, you will gain 1 more mp. So if you were wearing 120 int, you get 12 extra MP so thats 1 whole extra wash you get to do.
  1. Reset the MP back into Luk.
  1. Level up some more and do the normal HP washing where you add points to HP then reset back to luk. But this time you will be able to reset a lot more since you have a lot more base MP.

Double washing V.2
(for the higher levels at 17x, 18x or who does not have many saved AP points)

  1. Do the same step one as Double Washing V.1
  1. Reset all points except one back to Luk
So if you have added 5 ap points to MP, reset 4 of them back to luk.
  1. Compute how many washes you can do with your new base MP.
  1. Use the remaining 1 ap points and wash it from MP into HP. Then repeat this over and over until you have done the maximum washes you can do with the new base MP you have.

Experienced Assassins, Hermits, Night Lords who have anything to add/revise please PM me

Thanks Dani for the sticky
Thanks orangeking11 for filling out the blanks I had x]
MapleStory Screen: ATK 98, DEX 5, 1 slot Peacemaker
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