Sad Mask
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how i look basil friends?

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dutchdelight Level 210 Broa Night Walker 4 Recognition Guild
outfit 5/10 look like the beach and back to school same time
skin color 8/10 because u never see black person in maple (it is rare)[/quote]

Maple needs more color! Go dark skinned
Sep 24 2015
lycanthropods Level 230 Broa Shade 4 No1Care Guild
Maple needs more color! Go dark skinned [/quote]

I personally think maple needs less color, seems every new thing they make is all sunshine and rainbows.

Edit: Totally read what you said wrong.. I get what you mean by "color" now.. f3
Sep 24 2015
juniororeos Level 207 Scania Jett 4
Maple needs more color! Go dark skinned [/quote]

Dark skin is the best skin
Sep 24 2015
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