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how old are we now?

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rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4
how old are you guys, im guessing we are all in our 20s-mid 20s now. im 24 as of last month

edit 1: hi, hope everyone had a good black friday and thanksgiving. christmas is next, happy holidays for what ever you celebrate, ily you all. dont forget to put your winter tiers on, stay safe.

EDIT 21/12/2018 hello again, im surprised this is still going but i am happy it is, tbh i check basil just for this thread every other day because it puts a smile on my face knowing this many people still lurk too even though so many years have gone by, its like we all want this site to come back because we all have memories about it. I hope everyone has a happy holidays, i love you all
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mateocl Level 169 Elnido Blade Master
22, don't remember how long I've been lurking but this account has existed for a little under 4.5 years
Nov 24 2018
boss Level 211 Windia Bow Master
+1 25... don't even remember when I joined Basil, but I'd wager it was around '06. I think when I was 21, I had spent one third of my life as an active member of this forum looool. Anyway good to check in with y'all, best of wishes in your cozy respective corners of the world.
Nov 25 2018
death00 Level 44 Bera Assassin
I'm 24... 4682 basil days heh
Nov 28 2018
dauntaro Level 127 Nova Mercedes 4
1.) I'm 23 now, and I started Basil around when I was 10.
2.) zombieoverlord is still here... So is zigen. I'm impressed,
3.) Even Chat is here!
Joseph from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders screaming OH MY GOD!!.mp3

Edit: I found an old IRC log for #basilmarket and dear god it is cursed
Dec 03 2018
draklordkill Level 160 Windia Hero
+1 Account says 4xxx days now. Been a very long time. 28 of age now and only getting older. Def miss the old days where we would come here to price check and sell items in Perion channel 1.. those days were too much fun.

Maplestory def died out more and more as year progressed. Progression was amazing up until 2010 or before hand, it just grew in content and people lost interest in the fun of grinding and got used to things being handed out for free all the time. So many memories if I find some screen I'll share them from my 05-2010 years of gameplay so much fun!
Dec 13 2018
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