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Can039t get frozen gear from event


Anyone else having this problem? I see people running around with it on, but I got level 100 on my burned character and didn't get anything. Talked to the Maple Admin a bunch of times, and nothin

Servers still down?


I feel like they arent, but I havent been able to log on all day... Ive tried multiple things... Ive unistalled and reinstalled maplestory. Ive unistalled and reinstalled the launcher. Ive also tried

Chances of miracle time and marvel?


I was wondering what the chances of a miracle time and marvel machine is around the Christmas to New Years time frame. I know Nexon hasn't officially released this information yet, but I was wond

Inner ability?

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

What would the best IA for fp be? I was thinking crit or boss. Since +1 attack speed and buff duration unneeded

15% tracing worth it?


I know in the long run 15% spell tracing would be worth it but would 30% spell tracing good enough for now? Or should I just go for 15% spell tracing because I'm not hurting on meso. I have about

Blaster Combo?


So I understand that the combo goes like this: Shotgun Punch Bob/Weaving Jump-Cancel Jump Shotgun Punch x2 Repeat I was wondering if there was any easier way to do this combo. I've been trying

SmartBored is a Scammer/Botter


@starglazing whoa didn't think smartbored was a scammer :O

Scarlet Ring Questions with Kaiser


So does the scarlet ring give you the 4th set for the cra if you have a ryude's sword equiped?

5th Job Questions?


Does mercs get the shadow partner proc on their hurricane? I thought I heard from somewhere that they do and it is a 45% chance or something.

Red or Black


I have 100k nx and wondering if I should do red or black cubes?

Best Evan IA


From what I think I know, +1 attack speed inner ability doesn't affect Evans, if I'm correct. So I was wondering would 30% crit, buff duration (for the return buffs), or %boss be better. I w

Wand vs Staff


Is the extra attack from the staff better then the extra crit you get for using a wand?

Best Inner?


What is the best inner ability? Is it buff duration? I heard it isn't anymore since it doesn't affect adrenaline boost anymore.