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is there a lvl 20 heart?


somebody know if there is a lvl 20 heart and who drops the recipe because i want to transfer my childhood heart that is lvl 10 so when i transfer it to the lvl 20 heart i transfer again to a lvl 30 he

Your Favorite Chair


hekaton chair or ryko chair i cant decide which one is the best but i like both :D

Marvel machine coupon vault gone?


so i was checking the new website and i went to the marvel machine section and i cant see my coupon vault i know that i have 2 years to redeem them but i still have codes from last marvel machine ty

Things to do in maple


afk in hene

new event coming out?


when is this event coming out? because i didnt find anything on orange mushroom

Am I the only one seriously pissed about the Kitchen event?


another thing if you craft a pet skill you have to wait 19 days to craft another one the easy way to farm coins is in dimensional pq i get 60-70 coins per run

What is these 90% attack scrolls?


[quote=LightZero]@Snowman yea maybe 100-200m per scroll (maybe?)[/quote] some noobs are selling them for 800m >.<

question about maplestory


u should go and look bellocan fmch1 is full of them and they dont die

Transposed Sw and Starforce


perm untradeable

Must do Quests



Sao in Ms


SAO dungeon like JMS? :D :D :D what you guys think about?

Randomly Perma-banned


some of my friends were banned :/

Failed to use the skill due to an unknown reason


I got the same error but on my zero and phantom and I just restart maplestory and it works lol

Unable to buy Nx via paypal?


i use chrome whit ad block and i can charge via paypal all the time i think its problem of ur account

Best class for doing gollux?


zero , no funding , just need to be 180

I am so done with this game


[quote=yoyotwistap65]I think you kept the tots quest on when you weren't lvl 45 or above, and then lvled you way up to 47 and then took a screenshot of this to make people think there is an error in

Pc Clean Faf XBow


maybe 4b the clean ones are at 2b-2.5b u should sell it now cuz maybe the drop their prices :/

Marksman, Bowmaster, or Wa?


if ur looking for damage whitout any funding u should try a marksman but u need to use link skills

New Phantom Gm Police Hack Disconnection with Arrow Platter


same happend to me and i wasnt laggin also i have sent a ticket i have no response from the gm

Is my range decent for a phantom


i have that range clean on my phantom lol but u should get some %luck and the emp set but for ur lvl its a avg range :D

How many Red keys do you have?


i have 8 keys in my main then in my mules another 3 or 4 lol