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Inner Ability

Bow Master

Mine is legendary 18% drop and 2 other useless lines. Personally, I'd want boss attack but I don't have enough honor to reset so i'm sticking with the 18% drop for now.

revamped platter

Bow Master

I was wondering this too when the patch first went up... today i actually got it to work though, idk how but I didn't even want it to be at the max angle >_>

What happens when you have over 100% Max Crit?


It raises your maximum crit damage. It should have an effect, just like how having over 100% boss still has an effect.

Skill Soaring mount doubt


Does anybody have a list of of mounts that could actually fly? i found some online but they say red draco can fly but it can't... and some others that also clearly can't fly ...

Unique Potential Scrolls


@halofreak: For 100% you need to log on for TWO hours and level up 10 times. You CAN level up 10 times on a mule lv 33+, the only problem is I have no idea how to keep track of this event. The reward

Was this song from backstreet boys or n sync or?


holy crap I never knew what this song was called lmao i also thought it was by backstreet boys/nsync this whole time

Inner ability preference?

Wild Hunter

Hurricane skills aren't affected by attack speed, only their startup i believe. i don't think WH will benefit much from +1AS since their main bossing and mobbing move is WAB anyway

what do you do if this happens


when you see her outside of class just be like hey you're in X class right? and bla bla just talk about whatever. before class starts and you see her sitting or whatever just go up to her and be like

Fallen Heart Tree Key


the fallen heart tree key also lets you go in, and it also disappears after you go in. You can kill the head once, so if you killed the head already you can't enter again even if you have the other ke

WA or Shadower with 20b funding

Wind Archer

shadower's damage cap is 100m but that's near impossible to hit with midnight carnival. they still have assassinate and bstep which are both pretty strong, but 20b still isn't that much funding for a

Any plans for this Friday or Weekend?


got inorganic chem, organic chem, and microbio lab midterms on thurs/wed... so basically gonna procrastinate til sunday and then cram lel

Do the beauty coupon still drop?


@stoker: Isn't that what the beauty coupon event is??

Does Jaguar type matter?


They all have different effects. Open up the jaguar manager window skill and they tell you each effect

is it weird to think kpop isnt so bad?


i used to be a pretty big kpop fan, but not so much anymore. though last week i just went to an exo concert since it was free lol. kpop fans on the internet are really crazy and toxic though and love

which hat to use


@morrie2: It should count towards your highest leveled set that has a helmet. If you have SW or alien accessories then the hat might count for those instead since they are higher leveled than CRA. CRA

Beauty Coupons


I was doing the hunters quests at warrior grounds and the drop rate wasn't bad. MP3 causes major lag for me so I couldn't farm there even if I wanted to. I lag at warrior grounds too but not as much

Privileged students complaining they get to much homework


Link didn't work for me but wtf do people expect when they apply to some of the most prestigious schools in the US... -__-

Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon


All that video showed was clips of past games and like only 10 seconds of IN 2016 POKEMON SUN AND MOON -.-

Favourite RNG Beauty Coupon Look


This is the only one I SSed green skin looks cool but I wouldn't want it long term so I had to change it .-. I saved the eyes though since I love the f5

What are some blue medals in the game?


I think the next legend medal is blue... the one where you get to lv 200 and you can get it on all your mules.

Reboot Greed Pendant


FYI, greed pendant only increases EQUIPMENT drop rate, not regular drop rate. Obviously still valuable but it only affects equipment drop rate

Classes with Bind


Demon avengers are pretty good.

Is The Person Above a Henehoe or No?


8/10 cuz only lv 174.

The interesting stuff you find in Ghost ship 2 on Reboot


@bubbeuy: lol me too. only see a tape of donkey kong country

Bowmasters feather potential


yes, it's possible to hve atk,boss and dex together. for weapons, dex is not as useful though since you can get attack and %attack is WAY better. %dex you can get on everything else. if you can get

Lets make an HPS/DPS list once and for all


holy moly the shadower hits 2b per sec with capping midnight carnival.

Best shield for battlemage?

Battle Mage

@deadlymember: shields are also better because it isn't job specific and most of the older mages can use shields.

Absolute labs vs sweetwater vs Faf/Tyrant reboot


@bigkocky87: I don't think upgrading a weapon to 15 stars will give another 30% boss... Fafnir weapons have 30% boss by themselves, and with 4 set (top/bot/hat/weapon) you get an additional 30% boss


i have those halloween candies and the colored boxes from an old christmas event. i also have one of those wish tickets from an amoria quest a long time ago i think. all scattered so too lazy to look

Buying Agent N's Receiver in Scania


i got the hat one

Trading a Pokemon IGN


i have houndour

Fast charm exp?


I used to get 3 czhelms per czak but now it's only one, same with cHTP. however, you can still get more than 1 zhelms, and each is 50 charm so one run usually gets at least 2 for me so already better

How many familiars do you have?


I have 3 pages... Honestly it gets annoying af because my big spider and mutant pigs are on the third page and sometimes you just want to summon them ASAP before you get hit by a monster/boss because

5 bill giveaway


could've at least tagged the winners zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

5 bill giveaway


done, on the darth vader vid. win, lose, idon't really care

Tsukoyimi's Set Questions

Night Lord

They drop from ranmaru/madman ranmaru. He also drops recipes to craft them. Way too many materials to craft though, so not worth it IMO. RA is much better since fafnir weapons have 30% boss by itself.

Should I reset my inner ability?

Bow Master

I'd stick with it until you get several hundred thousand honor and then you can keep using 100pt resets until legendary

Ghost Ship Badge OBTAINABLE


maybe from DRPQ. You can get the sword earrings from the reward box and an untradable sirius cape or whatever it's called. maybe it also has ghost ship badge

Another IGN gone!


I have a bunch of igns with the suffix -Sucks ex: PokemonSucks I know you can't make them anymore so now i have a bunch of characters with -Sucks igns

We had the ign wipe, so...


the only people who'd defend igns with suffixes like -ingly are people who have those type of igns lel

Decent at dodging?


HP situation for bowmasters isn't too bad since they have drain arrows you can lock in. MM and BM both have some grappling hook move thing that makes you dash past monsters without taking damage when

Help out a level 170 Bowmaster that hasn't played in 4 years

Bow Master

Bowmasters are so much stronger now after reboot. 3: yes, get split attack since it's 65% damage each, so it's like 30% stronger than single lined hurricane. previously, each split was only 50%, so

Cubing Question: Red vs Master Craftsman


You can use meister cubes for legendary, but not master craftsman cubes. Red cubes reset your potential, black cubes let you see what the potential may be and you can choose if you want that one or th

This class is good--with funding


@xbustyangelz: BMs have hurricane, blaster, AFA, and magic arrows. Also phoenix if you count it but it's not that significant.

Decent Sharpen Eyes


decent SE is very good obviously, but 400k range is not that great so depending on how much DSE gloves are, it might be better to upgrade your other stuff.

Convince me


Demon slayer 1) demon impact for 1v1 and even mobbing 2) they have some drain aura thing and a crow healing move 3) permanent 100% stance 4) demon cry even though there is a CD now

BM or MM. Switch or not? POLL


funds are obviously a problem for you, so i don't think it's worth it for you to change. you'd have to pay a fee to change jobs and you have to get a new weapon.

Re-roll or keep?


@xxjarakudaxx: isn't that the one where you convert your 10k honor into a 10k honor medal? it's basically transferring one character's honor to a different one.


was playing donkey kong 64, and they had a move called simian slam. i forgot how to spell it so i got simain.

Is it more likely to get Earrings from Blackheart Box?


maybe. i remember getting a like 3 earrings and then the next few boxes all blackheart pets. i have 1 on my DA, and 3 on my BM.