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Walking out of the House Eating?


My bus comes at 5:45 in the morning and I don't have time to eat breakfast so I just eat a granola bar in the dark while watching the sun rise. It's quite common for people who take early morning c

Kms 1.2.245 - Mercedes changes


As an unfunded mercedes, I'm guessing this will boost my damage? I don't have any mesos to fund her. :~(

Is your merching style a product of your childhood?


As a child, I lived in a rather poor neighborhood. Very rarely I was allowed to spend money and I guess that transferred to my spending habits. Whenever I saw a "good deal" I would spend m

Which to Fund?


Tbh, I play both and you'll probably get more damage off of FP. But Mercedes is more fun to play (imo) and I prefer classes with high mobility. My FP and Mercedes are both unfunded but I am happy wi

Training places?


After returning to maple after a two year hiatus, I was wondering what are the best places to train to get to lvl 160? Please, do not include areas that do require "star force" (still have

how has your year been so far?


4/10 This year was when my social life started to bloom and wither. I made new friends, but it's unlikely that we'll have the same classes next year since they're all math people and I'm more of

Sketching People


Mind drawing me? :)


@sirkibblex2: I am the only Viet person in my grade. The rest are Koreans and there are no other Asian ethnic groups. No, seriously. There's no Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, etc. What's sad is that the


Saammee. I'm Viet too and I'm in the minority at my school (with most of the Asians being Korean). Most of the people at my school are white and they always assume that I'm Chinese and ask me to do

What is your favourite thing to do with your free time?


I like to write my novel that probably won't ever get published. Still, it brings me great joy to see my characters come to life.

lookin for people to draw in sketchtoy


San Marino, located in Italy, is the world's oldest sovereign republic.

Which world to start


go Windia. It has alot of asians in it