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link skill for explorer

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archusz Level 201 Scania Bow Master
why no link skill for us? -_-"
at least give us 'master organization' like pirate explorer
Posted: October 2014 Permalink


bryk1979 Level 206 Windia Paladin
It's cuz any real player has an explorer as there main so you can't send it to yourself.
Oct 10 2014
JJoestar Level 49 Windia Wild Hunter 2
im media real player whit win explorer, trired to send but duey isnt ther
Oct 10 2014
cameron0 Level 205 Khaini Xenon 4
Evan and Aran deserve link skills before Explorers...
Oct 10 2014
archusz Level 201 Scania Bow Master
i talk about 'master organization' pirate beginner skill
why only pirate?
Oct 11 2014
TheSilverSun Level 194 Nova Wild Hunter 4
At least you have shared cs.
Nexon, why no resistance link or shared CSS
Oct 11 2014

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