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lnmatesearch is now level 249

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Aiacu Level 203 Bera Dark Knight
What's there to discuss?
Jan 28 2014
Redadin Level 207 Zenith Paladin
I just want to know if the Koreans are watching our rankings and going nuts over the fact that we have such broken exp.
Jan 28 2014
SharkyMikey Level 201 Galicia Buccaneer
@lucky5209 Patch is for GMS. How in the world will it affect KMS?
Jan 28 2014
coolbreeze69 Level 193 Bera Blaze Wizard 4
What's to discuss we all new this was coming. Inmatesearch is grinding with the glitched party play exp whereas the lead Xenon in KMS cannot as it was patched out and they ability to use 2x cards after 200 faster than GMS did, so yes he is 249 and will definitely hit 250 first but it's really not that impressive compared to KMS grinding at 24X
Jan 28 2014
Senkujin Level 210 Windia Aran 4
Unless we all get something out of 1 guy getting 250, I don't see how it matters. There's a lot of hub-bub over basil about this guy and I don't understand why.
Jan 28 2014
lucky5209 Level 207 Scania Mercedes 4
@SharkyMikey: lnmatesearch is in gms and hes lvl 249 who trains 24/7 at hoh lol
Jan 28 2014
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