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pancakesman Level 211 Bellocan Hero
Just found out that xoo is censored and I'm wondering if anyone knows why
Posted: July 2015 Permalink


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ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Y'know what else they censor? Chosen. Also pattern and million.
Nexon is run by crazy people.

Edit: I checked and xoo isn't censored.
Jul 30 2015
deadlystabxx Level 217 Demethos Shadower
If I remember correctly, I think a lot of the random censored words we get come from the copy/paste patches with JMS and CMS related content in the past. I like to google those words to see what it says.

Another couple censors are "dumb" and "my first time".
Jul 30 2015
pancakesman Level 211 Bellocan Hero
I checked and xoo isn't censored.[/quote]

Strange. My friend typed nx o-o into chat and it came up as n* *-*

@seniorpain I think that is because C8 resembles man parts
Jul 30 2015
comicwiz Level 197 Windia Mercedes 4
my all time favourite censor is Korean Girls
Jul 30 2015
chrisjohnson Level 216 Windia Paladin
I like how they choose to censor acronyms such as "wtf", but refuse to censor the term "c*m" (fill in the blank).
Jul 30 2015
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