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nightwalker revamp lv. 10-100! Video

By xmagexpro

xmagexpro Level 184 Broa Phantom 4
Nov 25 2014 HEY EVERYONE! Thought I'd upload of video of me training the fairly new revamped Nightwalker from 10-100! Was pretty fun, although training before 3rd job was a bit slow due to the lack of
mobility skills. But after 3rd job it really gets fun

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Exodus203 Level 212 Scania Luminous 4
What equips did you use at 3rd job? It's so hard finding good equips at low lvl[/quote]

I should remake my Pro lvl 20 xenon that hits 22k damage >.< i swear im the only person with a full set of godly noob equips.
Nov 29 2014

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