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OriganiiX Level 200 Windia Blade Master

I just got a VIP Thief Shield and a Chaos Scroll 60% from the RED box! Can I get a p/c on both

Windia prices pleaase
Posted: November 2013 Permalink


LuuIsGreat Level 170 Windia Kaiser 4
Normal chaos is like 10m give or take, idk ive been away for a while
thief shields arnt worth allot, hell not really worth anything. DKhans are so much more wanted. 10m or so? if your lucky someone will buy to anvil or just to collect
Nov 16 2013
HumanoidNL Level 150 Scania Night Lord
Don't sell to her^ Chaos is worth 25 mil in our server.
Nov 16 2013

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