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phantom vs night walker

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xVietVietx Level 177 Zenith Dark Knight
Posted: April 2015 Permalink


flygon123445 Level 140 Scania Kanna 4
a noob speaking,but i prefer phantom. phantom is less complicated and less cloggy. i dont know how i got my night walker to 150, while i enjoyed training my phantom. just wish it had a good inner ability
Apr 29 2015
WhoaMomma1 Level 41 Windia Assassin
Swear these vs threads.. These people needs to be banned, the sad fact I think they don't even bother making it
So why bloody ask.. Then they come back ask again later anyways
Apr 29 2015
bardel7 Level 162 Broa Bow Master
I'd have to agree with the first 2 posts, personal opinion go with phantom if you get bored of a skill or the way it trains just swap skills .
@whoaMomma1 yeah their are a lot of these kinds of threads but no reason for you complain about it, it says what the thread is about in the title so why are you even bothering with clicking and posting a comment if your not even gonna give a decent input, why waste your own and the owner of this threads time. Viet has every right to create this thread and not make either class after reading all the posts.
Apr 29 2015
wingless666 Level 209 Windia Phantom 4
^pretty much, it would have given his post more substance.

~anyway I play phantom as a main and I can say objectively nw are way better bossers just because they have a fj and a backstep
not including a usable bind and a strong main attack. On the other hand phantom is usually better at mobbing and overall better because
of the large skill set they can use. Another thing to say mw can't play support very well while phantom is one of the best classes for
Apr 29 2015
AshleyAttacked Level 210 Scania Cannoneer 4 Reconcile Guild See what games, anime & art AshleyAttacked is intoalisaattacked
Personally, Phantom is honestly the only class I've ever specifically felt so strongly about that I can honestly say I truly **hate** the playing style...both training and bossing. Making that link mule was by far the biggest and most annoying chore out of all of the link mules - combined...and I've made them all except for Beast Tamer. It just has a truly awkward style of control and handling. I realize you can steal other skills and find one you like...but honestly I personally wouldn't want to do that, otherwise I'd just make the character I'm stealing the skill from. And I didn't just make my phantom and drop it, I got it to level 132 I believe and regularly use it farm mpe potions. If I didn't regularly kill it to intentionally lose exp and stop myself from leveling so as to preserve the char as a potion farming mule I would probably be nearly 16x. I've put a ton of time into playing the character and am thoroughly familiar with its skills and attributes.

Not trying to trash the class, just offering a contrasting pov since my reaction towards Phantoms was so intensely negative.
Apr 30 2015
ItsOnlyDrew Level 214 Bellocan Shadower
You'd probably get a more balanced input if this were in the Thief section and not Phantom section.

I started making a Night Walker around two days ago and can honestly say mobbing in the earlier levels (ie level 30-60) is easily NW > Phantom. Blazing through Riena Strait, Gold Beach and Ellinel Fairy School with Shadow Bats flying around one-hitting mobs you'd normally be out of reach made leveling so much faster than when I went through the process with my Xenon. I had to devote quite a bit of time with Phantom just to hit 120. That being said, I can really see Night Walker getting pretty monotonous since each branch adds one extra throwing star (L7, TT, QT, Quint) so Phantom will edge the mobbing battle in the latter levels. No argument with Night Walker besting Phantom in bossing.

Mobbing: Early levels; NW Later levels; Phantom
Bossing: NW
Overall: Phantom if you're not planning on bossing too much, NW if you are planning to boss quite a bit.
Apr 30 2015
Lurichiyo Level 224 Bera Phantom 4
I actually really enjoy phantoms (not counting the painful experience of training from 1-100 OMG).

While they require a lot of funding to be even decently strong, the class is super versatile and it's a high payoff for all the work you put into one.
Training one is easy after the high levels, and for the times you get lazy phantoms can leech with hs xD
But if you're concerned about getting a moderate-funding, high-output class, I would go with NW. I just really love a good challenge
May 07 2015

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