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quotGame is Deadquot rant

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littletlk Level 201 Broa Beginner
I'm really sick of people saying the game is dead.

The thing is, a lot of older players are coming back to maple to check out new updates.
They see that their guild is empty, or their alliance doesn't chat much.
Then they go to all the old places they used to train and see it's empty.

They see all of this and insist "the game is dead!11!!1!"

The problem is: you're looking in the wrong places.
The game isn't static. When you're not playing, others move on. The game moves on. Guilds phase out, alliances break apart, new training areas come out, buddies quit, new content gets focus.
When you see that the things you used to do in the game aren't the same then complain, you're neglecting to see the new things.

How about find a new guild? Find new friends. There are plenty of players out there. Just go find them, talk to them, make friends. Join new alliances, find new content.
You directly contribute to the problem when you whine about how dead it is, then do nothing to be social.

Even pservers manage to build great little communities with only a 100-150 players because they actually talk to one another and help one another and PLAY WITH ONE ANOTHER.
It's a sad state of affairs that PS's end up with better communities than we do with fewer players because we've become so ironically antisocial socialites.
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donkreeq Level 204 Renegades Xenon 4
I agree. Many buddies become inactive but I do see there is a fair community out there. Just have to roll up your sleeves and hunt for some sociability. I've fared well in my return and met some great players. All are enjoying the game still and I do not mind playing with them.

At the foremost, I have some side goals on my own for in game. When it gets stale, such as grinding. PQ and Boss Rushing is always a fun thing to do. Aside from the rewards from this, it's good to be part of a community play scenario. I also enjoy helping other players too. Training mules is one of the things I am doing as well. I plan on meeting some people here and there lol.
Jun 23 2016
javirocks Level 200 Kradia Aran 4
Over the years, people have just started adopting the phrase "______ is dead". In reality, it's just that people really like saying a game is dead because there aren't as many people as before. In reality, this is all a sort of illusion for people to feel like they have an idea that will be accepted by everyone. In a way it's a form of trying for people to agree with you, a sense of belonging if you want to call it that. So don't worry about it, because it happens with this game just as much as it happens with other big games.
Jun 23 2016
sorlilly Level 182 Scania Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art sorlilly is intoSorLilly
Well thanks to the creation of Reboot world, now Scania, which used to be the most populated world, is becoming empty too. I somehow wish Reboot world would never there so there can be more players, oh selfish me :'(
Jun 23 2016
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