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recruiting 1 more for crew

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Darkjohn34 Level 200 Scania Corsair
Recruiting 1 crew member near lvl 100. Needs to be a character made between december 4 - december 31. The other two members are lvl 100, will pay 50m when you reach lvl 100 today. whisper me or chat.
Posted: January 2014 Permalink


iEatCheeseLol Level 210 Scania Hero
You can no longer invite crew members.
Jan 04 2014
Darkjohn34 Level 200 Scania Corsair
You can't add crew members anymore.

From Nexon's OFFICIAL page:
Event Dates: December 4 - January 31
Invitation Dates: December 4 - December 31[/quote]

I heard that you can still invite crew member characters made between december 4 and december 31.
dont know if that is true or not
Jan 04 2014

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