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revamped platter

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leopard16 Level 200 Scania Shadower
how the hell do you set this up to max angle?
all keys at same time? up arrow first? platter first? time frame between each key?
Posted: May 2016 Permalink


nitsua2789 Level 250 Broa Evan 10th Growth Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art nitsua2789 is intonitsua2789
The intended way is to start platter and while its loading you simply hold up.

Currently, it doesn't immediately set the angle, so either its broken or Nexon didn't implement the new feature in GMS. It isn't listed in the patch notes but a lot of things weren't listed and were still added so it's hard to say what's in and what isn't.

Edit: Or it could be a Bowmaster only feature? I'm only trying it on a Phantom, idk if that matters.
May 14 2016
leopard16 Level 200 Scania Shadower
should be any class tbh. i do up+platter+npc chat and hold platter+up+npc chat and both seems to work sparingly. Although the one you mentioned worked the most. ty
May 14 2016
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
I was wondering this too when the patch first went up...
today i actually got it to work though, idk how but I didn't even want it to be at the max angle >_>
May 15 2016
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
It occurs when I don't want it to, like placing turret then immediately jumping up to another platform. I want to say if you just hold up after you push NPC chat it should just trigger it.
May 17 2016

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