Chemo12 Level 171 Scania Blade Recruit
maybe lower collat justaaaa tinyyy bit ;D:DD
Feb 19 2012
yea i tryed editing it to 2.5b but it doesnt work >.<
Feb 19 2012
kyuubi Level 200 Scania Dawn Warrior 4
...white scrolls or sss for collat? ...why not use gears like everyone else? -just curious...
Feb 20 2012
because i dislike arguing with people over if its enough as collat

someone wanted to use 12atk gloves, evo ring 3, and a BFC clean
and they said it was enough collat and clearly it isnt
so i preffer something that is simple
15%stuff also works etc
Feb 20 2012
jnaka Level 185 Scania Bishop
i would like to buy service but is 14ws and 4 balanced furies enough?
Feb 22 2012
Yea that works
My playing times are normally 3-9pm pacific time
Feb 22 2012

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