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GrammarJew Level 207 Broa Blade Master
Could you take me on a czak run please?

IGN is BadAsBlades
Feb 15 2013
Masterobert Level 200 Broa Phantom 4 Nimbus Guild
(I will be updating this)

Players helped with getting all Skill Books so far by doing Chaos Zakum:
Aran - 7x
Bishop - 2x
Dual Blade - 4x
Evan - 2x
Hero - 2x
Paladin - 1x

I am currently helping:
Aran - 1x
Bishop - 1x
Dual Blade - 6x
Evan - 1x
Hero - 1x
Paladin - 1x

Players who have finished with getting all Skill Books by doing Chaos Zakum:
Polaraid - Aran
UnReveaIing - Aran
Twingex - Aran
AranEmotions - Aran
Nathan3432 - Aran
ComboCorrupt - Aran
Flamepc - Aran
Heal4Rima - Bishop
Richboyliang - Bishop
Idicegravy - Dual Blade
MushBlades - Dual Blade
ChaoRice - Dual Blade
BadAsBlades - Dual Blade
HeIong - Evan
Traybo - Evan
Duyx - Hero
RightHandF√°p - Hero
ButlerIsland - Paladin

Current players in progress: (Inactive players will be removed from the progress list monthly)
SavoryRice - Aran
ComboSwinga - Aran
Arkezif - Dual Blade
DualSayomi - Dual Blade
CozyCafe - Dual Blade
HuskyDualer - Dual Blade
OntarioBlade - Dual Blade
AndSugar - Evan

Skill Books bought with SoK: (Those who have bought their skills will not be counted towards the list).
Advanced Combo Attack - 1x
Combo Barrier - 1x
Combo Tempest - 1x
Final Blow - 3x
Final Cut - 3x
Flame Wheel - 1x
High Defense - 1x
Magic Mastery - 1x
Phantom Blow - 3x

Here are the Skill Books I have: (Pay for SoK, and it's free)
Advanced Combo Attack (Hero)
Advanced Charge (Paladin)
Angel Ray (Bishop)
Combo Barrier (Aran)
Combo Tempest (Aran)
Dark Fog (Evan)
Flame Wheel (Evan)
Final Blow (Aran)
High Defense (Aran)
Magic Mastery (Evan)
Soul Stone (Evan)
Feb 16 2013
I'll add you ^^
I need to get some evan mastery books through Hilla.
Just wondering, but whats the minimum amount of players needed for Hilla?
Feb 18 2013
Masterobert Level 200 Broa Phantom 4 Nimbus Guild
@HersheyChan: I suggest you do the Zakum prequests and we Chaos Zakum for your Skill Books instead. Killing Hilla over and over for the books will take forever. The Skill Book drop rate for Hilla was nerfed, it's going to take many runs if you want to get all your books. The minimum players required for Hilla is two, but you should not care about fillers as I have this covered.
Feb 18 2013
Erm I got my phantom blow from pierre...
Feb 19 2013

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