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Feb 21 2011 ice + lightning charge
xbandradaxBAndrada - Level 202

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Do the charges stack?
Feb 21 2011
don't get the point o-o..
Feb 21 2011
i thought they canceled each other
Feb 21 2011
lightning have stacked with the other charges since balance patch
dragontidusiPowerslave - Level 120
Feb 21 2011
does it still drop nothing?
Feb 21 2011
You missed the guild party quest
Pretty nice damage though
Feb 21 2011
Krexel's Jewish! :o[/quote]

Haha... That's so very true.
Feb 21 2011
What attack is your Weapon? And whats your range?
Feb 22 2011
I heard Krexel is a terrible boss to kill. Is that true?
donlolmeBIackmiII - Level 80
Feb 22 2011
Krexel isn't that bad, if you can kill in under 20-30 minutes I guess. Not many can do that though >.>
Feb 22 2011

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