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Pb n' me! ch8 vacation all i ever wanted | Tags: comic, Kino, Mushroom, Pb, Pink Bean, Windia

MapleStory Screen - Added July 1 2011 by d0ublel0ser

Screen Info

207 Bera Bishop
"Vacation, all I ever wanted!
Vacation, had to get away!
Vacation, meant to be spent alone!"

Bonus cookie for whoever can name the song without having to google it!
New chapter comes out next week, look forward to it! Til then happy mapling (even with the crazy server crashes)!
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Jul 01 11
Bera Shadower
Hilarious, as always!
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Jul 01 11
Khaini Shadower
So is the PB and the Girl immune to radiation?
Jul 01 11
ElNido Hero
AHHAHAH, kino Way to adorable!
Jul 01 11
Galicia Bishop
Hahahaha kino>PB
Jul 01 11
Scania Dawn Warrior 2
Panels 4,6-8
PB's face...
Jul 01 11
Windia Dawn Warrior 4
Timeless Guild
"The Windians and their blown hair" Ahahah ...
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Jul 01 11
Windia Buccaneer
HAHAHa funny. ps what you have against windians?
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Jul 01 11
Windia Bow Master
Funny that you didn't actually use the wind hair
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Jul 01 11
Scania Priest
RAWR cant tell what song. But i swear its the theme song of sunsplash or something.
Jul 01 11
Scania Buccaneer
bio91: HAHAHa funny. ps what you have against windians?

I take it you didn't catch the pun? WINDians? WIND blown hair?
Assuming there's a lot of strong wind in windia, resulting in wind blown hair..? XD
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