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Android recipe | Tags: Android, Annoying, Drop, Male, Rare
MapleStory Screen - Showoff - Submitted Aug 20 2011, 08:32 BT
Screen Info
159 Chaos Paladin
Finally found my male android recipe after about 15 Hours of double drop and occasional 2.2x drop. Found on 2.2x drop Leveled from 132-134 on Roids
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Aug 20 11
Bera Angelic Buster 1
Nice job!
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Aug 20 11
Scania Demon Slayer 4
Wow really 15 hours? It took me 2 hours of 2x events to get it even though I was not expecting it.
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Aug 20 11
Khaini Paladin
You can buy them for like 20m.
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Aug 20 11
Broa Mechanic 3
ive been there for atleast 15 levels now(85-100+) no health boost recipe etiher. only equips and useless scrolls
Aug 20 11
Khaini Battle Mage 4
I was selling 40 of them in my shop for 20m each (Cough only 3 sold)
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Aug 21 11
Galicia Priest
2x drop cards are more expensive than the recipe itself.
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Aug 21 11
Bera Wild Hunter 3
i found an android F recipe on my first kill of the teddies in ludi.. is it harder to find? haha

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