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JinTheManic Level 159 Chaos Paladin
Aug 20 2011 Finally found my male android recipe after about 15 Hours of double drop and occasional 2.2x drop. Found on 2.2x drop Leveled from 132-134 on Roids

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guggsen12 Level 191 Broa Shade 4
ive been there for atleast 15 levels now(85-100+) no health boost recipe etiher. only equips and useless scrolls
Aug 20 2011
GreenyScott Level 200 Khaini Battle Mage 4
I was selling 40 of them in my shop for 20m each (Cough only 3 sold)
Aug 20 2011
i found an android F recipe on my first kill of the teddies in ludi.. is it harder to find? haha
Aug 21 2011

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