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Shimeji Screen

By Crude

Crude Level 174 Khaini Blade Master
Oct 07 2012 Shimeji is a desktop buddy that runs around your desktop. They climb on browser windows and the sides of your screen and they multiply. I was testing to see if it worked with MapleStory avatars and it seems like they do! The animations are still a little glitchy though, but it's so cutee

(I right clicked on one of the avatars to show some of the commands and that they weren't editted on )

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Aeronomx Level 174 Scania Corsair
That's cute.
Oct 07 2012
where did you get this?

link please?
Oct 11 2012
Crude Level 174 Khaini Blade Master
where did you get this?

link please?[/quote]

Hi! I'm so sorry, I haven't been on Basil for a while.

I downloaded the Shimeji program from [url=]DeviantArt[/url]

Then I used Banned Story to make my avatar and I put it in the image folder Hope that helps!
Oct 20 2012

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