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soul driver damage

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semitoodle Level 88 Bellocan Aran 3
lately ive been seeing a lot of lvl 95 dawn warriors do 40k w/ sould driver(10k per hit,4 hits).is this normal or godly damage?Im a poor dexless dw will i be able to do the same damage?
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CleanBullets Level 180 Windia Zero Transcendent
It's normal. They are gonna get nerfed in one of the updates soon though.
Feb 11 2011
MrrrLammm Level 103 Khaini Cannoneer 3
Yes , you will.
@ Level 95 , that's a little below average.
You should make Soul Driver , then Soul Charge. That way you have 130% extra Holy Damage which is always nice.
For me , @
Level 70 - 30k
Level 80 - 40k
Level 90 - 60k
Level 100 - 80k
Level 110 - 130k
Level 120 - 160k

It increases over Levels because @ Level 110 you get Advanced Combo. When maxed , it's like a 10% extra damage boost.
Feb 11 2011
i 1hko (100% 1HKO i should add) klocks/dark klocks unfunded (they have 79k hp i think) no reason to believe that you wouldn't, and i dont have a belt, att glove, or anything decent really except for 3% STR bottoms, and i use a fail 1h sword with a 10 str sheild
Feb 11 2011
Er at level 100 I was hitting 50-60k with shark wave (and 120-150k with barrage, although attacks just one monster)... so I don't think dws and soul driver are OP or anything!
Feb 11 2011
andrewtsia Level 160 Bera Paladin
lol Im doing over 100k damage on Death Teddies with all clean equips and a clean Red Katana
Feb 13 2011
im godly unfunded and i do 60k~85k dmg
Feb 13 2011
Saltybandaid Level 200 Windia Paladin
That's terrible for lvl 95 My dw did 120k max at lvl 100, well around that.
currently lvl 120 doing 280k total on one monster.
This is on holy weak monsters btw >->
Feb 13 2011
MangosOnTheWeb Level 152 Arcania Bishop
I do 20k at level 107 as a Blaze Wizard. You melee CKs are lucky you can do so much. Can't even 1HKO level 80 monsters .
Feb 23 2011
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