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wew. godly. maplestory

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Dat resolution look like it's from the 1990s.
Jan 28 2014
coolbreeze69 Level 193 Bera Blaze Wizard 4
lol i remember when the anime came out. wasn't very good back then either
Jan 28 2014
NoCoply Level 187 Windia Mercedes 4
Please make it stop
Jan 28 2014
MagicFrappe Level 89 Scania Angelic Buster 3
That's stupid anime now days is lame compared to the stuff i grew up to. Stuff now days is just weak. The old Power Rangers from the 90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 1987 to the mid 90s
not really anime but still better tv shows then they have one now days.
Pinky and the brain
Ren and Stimpy
Rug Rats ect ect.[/quote]

DAE 90's kids?
Jan 28 2014
RisingSunX9 Level 169 Bera Kanna 4
Omg so **KAWAII~!**
Jan 28 2014

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